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TTOR Fellowship Livestream 10/24/2020 (OurWalkInChrist)

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Published on 25 Oct 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

This is the tenth TTOR Fellowship Livestream, which will essentially operate as an informal church service. This streamed live on October 17, 2020 on Twitch. In this stream, Apologist Justin Derby and OurWalkInChrist discuss Flat Earth Theory as well as other topics.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

How Planet Earth Died in the REAL World

It was NOT The “Wuhan” BAT Snake China Virus of the U.N. {NEWS} World Order I can tell you that much: for if the Corona COMMON COLD could Kill we the people, then the (covid19) would be killing all life, and not just the [TV Ratings] @QBALL /_\ of all your lying – manipulating – FREE MASON Hollywood Types from Donald J. Trump to his “Space Cadet” / * \ Czar the Pharmacological of FORCED VACCINES by Mike Pence that ROMAN Catholic Zionist Jesuit of this {NEWS} World U.N. Military EMPIRE!!! You see` if there was this Deadly Disease and Illness, it would not just affect WE THE PEOPLE, but it would Kill “any and all” Biological Life Forms, and do we see the The Wilde Animals putting on FACE MASK in this Ritualistic {Reprogramming} [{**}] of the Human Population by all these U.N. FLAGS of the WHO that is the “WTO” that is the WORLD BANK whom owns all The Worlds National Debts???

The FREE MASON Teach and Preach their RELIGIONS of “TV Shows” as REALITY!!!! That is right my nonmason populations of this world, the U.N. is a Members Only [Mickey Mouse] +=+ Club House for the SCIENCE and Medical People whom say: The Common Cold is no longer called CORONA the King and Crown of Sickness and Illness for we the UNITED NATIONS World Leaders whom faked the Moon Landings in the 1960’s and Told KOREA “after” World War Two that their COUNTRY would be torn in Two……., so the U.N. Troops and the Chinese Troops of the SAME U.N. Security Council could plan out all WAR [on this world] [{*}] known as our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH aka PLANET EARTH… After all, do some research on WEAPONS made in the USA, and Sold to MADE IN CHINA….., and then look at your Tech…..., and that is the Same Tech used by the U.S. Military and where is All this “Halloween” Crap coming from.?.?.?.?

If you lived in the REAL WORLD, you would not have a Dead “Holographic” Moon in the Sky too remind you that is what our Dead SIMULATION Virtual Reality World actually looks like on the OUT SIDE cause these U.N. Troops that are in all “U.N. FLAGS” Militarizes turned on all FLAGS of the World…….., so the UNITED NATIONS “International” Mafia of FREE MASON Lodge Members whom come from the Other Side of our FLAT EARTH “by way” of inner Earth took over all Nations Militias… Go on………, Go Look at how many in the “U.S. Military” are actually These BLUE HELMETS of the U.N. ????? You know you have “no clue” how many of your FELLOW Citizens in the Military are loyal to that U.N. FLAG over your National Flag…., and they have “access” to all your Military Secrets now don’t they.?.?.?.?.?, and get this..., your GOVERNMENT Pays Protection “Money” too the U.N. MILITARY EMPIRE.., so these U.N. Spies can see all your Military Weapons., and the U.N. is in each and every Military from China to Russia???

How much money does your COUNTRY “owe” to the U.N. IMF World Bank, and how many Chinese U.N. Troops and U.S. [UN TROOPS] are working side by side loyal neither too China, nor the USA???, but only those whom say: Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 are the DESTINY for all of Mankind???? Look at your Router??, or even your Modem???, and why are “all things” in this world MADE IN CHINA when the U.N. has the most Chinese in their World Police??? How many of the USA and Russia are [infected] with the True CODE MEANING of (covid19) that means OUR Military, and OUR Government are COMPROMISED cause OUR Generals too OUR Presidents are LOYAL to the U.N. over our National Boarders, and STATE FLAG CONSTITUTIONS??? of course the world died in the LAST Great Nuclear Hydrogen WAR of 1853 to 1854 that ended all life in 1855 of the MUD FLOOD {Days of Noah} RETURNED cause the U.N. had “access” to all your Countries Military Secrets…

Johnny Exodice


Why does the U.N. Need its own Military??? What happens when an INVASION FORCE from the Other Side of the World has “Spies” in all STATE MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS??? How can the Human Race Live on while the U.N. has FREE MASON “spies” in all U.N. FLAGS??? You The CITIZEN of your nation better learn to [see and hear] Q’s how THEY LIVE Speak in Code…..

The Society of nonmason~

WE ARE The {United Front} known as The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

The Sentinel…


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