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TThey Exposed Themselves | We Know Who They Are! by Juan O Savin

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 08 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

Unfortunately, all U.S. and world citizens are being victimized, those arguing for the side of our perpetrators are unknowingly working against "we the people" and those doing nothing are essentially doing the same.
As citizens of the world, it's all our responsibilities to learn everything that's truly happening, it's our only hope of ending the madness. There are far more world citizens than perps, and all it takes to end this nightmare is for us to understand and simply say no! Yet, in order to do this, everyone must know what they are doing and what they have planned for us.
All facts and proof are out there, not that difficult to find, but we have to intentionally search for truth and NOT accept what they're feeding us on all TV channels worldwide.
Even those more truthful stations are only giving a fraction of truth, that's just as dangerous and helps no one! The more people burry there heads and refuse to help, we're dangerously close to the point of no return.
Will you continue allowing the globalists, deep state, etc. to enslave us? What about the well-being of your loved ones, children & grandchildren? The negative results of doing nothing will take place soon if more people are unwilling to look at the truth and stop accepting their BS, refuse to see that you're believing the lies they purposely feed our world.
For those who want to call truthers conspiracy theorists, and other ridiculous labels like, sympathizers, bots, etc.- are clearly brain-washed sheep, who are still believing your TV; refusing to stand up for all of humanity and learn our current reality. You're a danger to all, with no hope for our future.
I pray that more people will not lay down and take this wrath, but join us in searching for truth. Those arguing and not helping are wasting precious time.
The world could & should be a beautiful, safe place for every nation to prosper, no exceptions. No one has to live under the tyranny of evil greedy monsters who want all the worlds resources for themselves.
We've unknowingly allowed the globalists' to plunder & pillage our world and to devastate all economies. We can take our world back without violence simply by knowing and understanding the full truth.
God is with us, but we must do our part.
A shout out to all our brave truth warriors! You are much loved and appreciated!! ❤

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The only way for the world to win, is to search for and understand truth, and say NO to these wicked satanic wealthy globalists who are destroying every countries economy from the inside out!

If our world unites, it will end all tyranny!

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