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Published on 23 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

reports on former president Donald Trump's newest attempt at challenging Big Tech, this time with his own social media platform: Truth Social.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Foretold “even” before I WAS Born

Maybe the only way to know how Menticide Works on a Civilization and a Whole World Wide Society is too live through it, once you are aware you too used to be one of the Mindless Medicated Militant Masses…

In today’s class at Our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy offline LAN party Gaming STUDY ROOMS we shall pull apart the CW TV channel in the Fake Jews of Hollywood USA USA USA where Homosexual Behavior and LESBIAN Over Kill is in all the Kids TV Shows for the Poorest in America because unlike Disney+ and AMC+ and Apple+ and Paramount+ for all the FREE MASON Rich Kids and “Clicks” in our High Schools, and Middle Schools, and even the ELEMENTARY my Dear Watson CHARTER and Private Schools as compared to our County and City PUBLIC Schools here in the UNITED STATES of America that is now owned by the {Crying Merchant Ships} of the Red Dragon of MADE IN CHINA from the Book of Revelation, the Children of the Poor, and even Middle Class pay all their NON-MASON Taxes, so these “Citizens” not CIVILIANS can be told what to do by the TV Screens in their Home Towns of the USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Thankfully, I have live through 5 Decades of Fashion – Fools and Faggots, and What I see here in 2021 as compared to the 1970’s as a Child, and now a Grown 56 year old Man is that the Child of Today is shown (FEMALES) [{**}] Kissing and Lusting after FEMALES from Supergirl to Nancy Drew, and Black People think BAT WOMBMAN has “solved the Issue” of Racial Trauma……., and White Guilt for things we POOR Citizens were told to do by the [White JEWS] Qballs~ /_\ of Blue Eyed Humans or Demons if you like in the 1900’s from Hollywood Racist CORPORATION Capitalist AMC China Owned Disneyland MOVIES……, and even TV Shows in the {1920’s to the 1970’s} /-\ with ALL IN THE FAMILY where it was taught by these American TV Shows that “White Power” was the only Power in Hollywood USA USA USA!!!!

Now maybe no one keeps up with the UNITED NATIONS (Security Council) [{*}] of the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 General Assembly where WHITE MALES from these Hollywood TV Shows pulled off WORLD WAR ONE and erased it….. Pulled of WORLD WAR TWO and Erased it… and if you’m are old enough to REMEMBER the [U.N. Wars of Korean] +=+ and Vietnam if you were too watch RIVERDALE on “CW TV” the Black man was never oppressed in the Wars, or even Society according to Josey and the Pussy Cats here in 2021 CE!!!!

Why Men can LUST after other Men on these 4400 to The Flash, and Black Lightening, and even The Legends COMIC BOOK Hollywood WHITE MALES of Fake Jews in ISRAEL with their Machine BLUE EYES controlling “all production” of just one more Racist Hollywood Movie Company.?.?.?.?

Take a break from your daily (Routine) WHITE Man and BLACK MAN……..., and tell me how many Chinese are now in these CW TV Shows and “Movies” of Girls having sex with Girls as compared to the Boys kissing Boys in the RIVERDALE CW TV Series?????, and Super-girl, and Black Bat Wombman??? Is this really what you want your 5 to 17 years old being [Programmed] for more DEPOPULATION while we Poor Whites and we Poor Black AMERICANS have “no Jobs” because the Asian own all the Super Markets from India too Pakistan where Arabs and Chines have “replaced” all the Koreans and Japanese from World War One and World War Two and too many Asians killed by {U.N. Troops} in that Korean and Vietnam Game of CORPORATION Capitalist WAR IS MURDER!!!

Maybe you don’t LOVE God, and maybe you don’t even {love your self} because you know Hollywood is the church of SATAN from the Book of Revelation……….., and what do you do about those whom teach [your children] too Disobey the OLD and NEW Testament of these JEWISH Books???? You buy the Crap on TV to say: Hollywood these “FAKE JEWS” of Israel from the Book of Revelation did not decimate the (Armenians) to Arabs and Persons after WORLD WAR TWO….

If you are like me` and you know we are in Purgatory: too relive the MEMORY of the Days of Noah one last time, it is those whom {Created Racism} that still run the Show being these KKK FREE MASON Lodge Members in your nations, and though there is no BLACK MAN or white wombman, there is still our HUMAN Flesh, and Blood, and Bones buried in our Grave Yards of every war, so Hollywood CORPORATION “Capitalist” Stocks and Bonds INTERNATIONALIST could wipe our minds and MEMORIES of what was because CW TV is “teaching” the children of today to Hide in the Metaverse of Crypto Money, and put on the {Head Gear of VR} too see white people were NEVER Told by Hollywood TV Shows and Movies too “scorn” their Brothers and Sisters of Black People with white people PALMS in their hands, and WHITE PEOPLE Soles on their feet because BLACK HAIR POPULATIONS were not in the {TV Shows and Movies} from 1893 to 1973….

If you can still think for your self My REAL JEWS from the Book of Revelation, than these VACCINATIONS are “too destroy” what you once knew was RIGHT and WRONG, and that was Hollywood is the FAKE JEWS from the Book of REVELATION!!!!

My life is painful, this world is painful, but God whatever you call your Creator will not FORGIVE YOU for {hating other People} because the TV of Hollywood FAKE JEWS says to “hate them” people because they won’t do what the TV SAYS, and when TV Says to Take A JAB, you do what Satan Demands, and TELLS YOUR “Citizens” What To Do!!!!!

MADE IN CHINA owns the USA USA USA, and that is why there are “No Koreans” or Japanese in any American Citizens TV Shows my [U.S. Citizens] of Natural Born Birth…..

This is DOCUMENTATION proves in a Public Court of Common LAW: how Hollywood “hides” REALTY from your children CITIZENS….., so YOUR Children will {kill and murder} for Hollywood as they ARE TOLD by the TV too join the U.S. Military too murder` People in IRAN – North Korea, and even MADE IN CHINA and Russia BECAUSE war is a GAME of “Human” Population CONTROL rather then (a Reason) to keep Hollywood in “control” of the USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!


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