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Trust The Plan During Election Chaos

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Published on 04 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

Go to https://QanonFAQ.com for all my resources and to join the private chat community at https://TruthSeekers.chat

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samanthanon 2 months ago

Hasn't the "Sharpie" issue been laid to rest? My research shows that the ballots are designed in such a way that, even if the ink bleeds through, there are no opposite/corresponding ovals on back side of ballot- therefore, no issues with confusing the machines or the humans. Please add to this comment if you have anything different~ thanks =)

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mageew 2 months ago

I went to Qanonfaq.com and I didn't see any videos. Just an offer for a free book to awaken others.

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Mammabird56 2 months ago

He's got lawyers in every state. Prosecute everyone who participated in voter fraud for treason. Full disclosure!

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Denise T
Denise T 2 months ago

I was asked paper or electronic I chose electronic.

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Delna Carruthers
Delna Carruthers 2 months ago

I'm trying, have been moved to pray a lot today, not for my plan but Gods plan to be revealed. Thank you for supporting and keeping us up!

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