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Trump Warns Gates Controlled U.N. Wants Permanent U.S. Shutdown

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 693 Views
Published on 26 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

In this emergency Saturday report, Alex Jones lays out the latest development in the globalist plan to create a world wide depression and destroy America Forever

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

Teacher…, Is there anything we can do to WAKE the Masses, or are they all The Cursed, The Dammed, and The Forsaken too we [whom have chosen] #QANON /_\ THE NARROW PATH of Christ Jesus that we “must endure” till our Flesh, and Blood, and Bones TEMPORAL Temporary Human AVATAR Bodies die to this place known as Our {Celestial Sphere} +=+ Home World of Purgatory??? When we know WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is Against The RULE OF LAW and ORDER, then “these people” / * \ must be the Dammed for they still participate in the LIES, and Illusions, and Delusion of FAKE SPACE as “Space Force” has set up ICBM Nuclear Hydrogen Weapons ALL along the ICE WALL of our FLAT EARTH in that United Nations Antarctica Treaty, and do not the many put on the (COVID19) Corona Lie when “we know’ [{*}] no one PERSONALLY whom has died of this FAKE SCAM known as PROJECT BLUE BEAM where the TV SCREENS in all Countries are “being used” as A WEAPON by all Corporations whom seek to INJECT We The People with Chemicals, make us carry Tracer Apps, and be like [beaten Dogs] Q too NEVER QUESTION them whom live off our TAXES known as The Governments, The Religions, and These CORPORATIONS of the U.S. MADE IN CHINA Flags.?.?.? You have done VERY well my people of Pak-Toe too keep {Johnny Exodice} [{**}] from the Racka that are EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of all whom put on the MASK of “Oppression” /-\ for they FEAR their GOVERNMENTS, their RELIGIONS, and their CORPORATIONS, but that is not the way of “WE ARE” The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition where every thing ever shown on TV and now U-Tube is ALL just Madness – Lunacy – Crazy PROFANE ways of these CRAZY freemason “lodge members” in our HOME TOWNS and Mega Cities… Heretofore, since NO ONE will say WE ARE IN PURGATORY, and we will either go home whence we die` cause We Do Follow the “NARROW PATH” in the NEW TESTAMENT of Honesty, the many shall, and wilt NEVER LEAVE Purgatory cause this is THEIR HELL…..., not ours` for we my people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition are the ones HUNTED by the WORLD POLICE of these U.S. Military PEACEKEEPER “U.N. Troops” and they did The MUD FLOODS, and they did Noah's Deluge as well, and since we can DECIPHER what the Old Book of Books the Biblical is actually “presenting” WE THE PEOPLE in this place of LOST SOULS, and Lost Minds, and Confused and Confounded Thoughts by THE MANY, than we will just have to “meet in places” not known to JADE HELM 15, and create our own LOGUNS RUN Sanctuaries, and let this THE GREAT WORK Simulation “Virtual Reality” do as it must for OUR DREAMS are nothing more then Holographic Virtual Reality Q - Memories of all the PAST LIVES “we have done” never escaping PURGATORY, so let the many do WAR IS MURDER, and you do {what you can} too PROTECT them whom love you, and those “whom” you do so love… The Book of EXODICE!!!

See past the LIES injected into this WORK of Art known as THE CRAFT of ink on paper, and use your knowledge of all I have shown you in how PURGATORY actually is A CONSTRUCT Machine, that only the HONEST [can leave] Q while those whom LIE TO THEIR OWN MINDS shall never go home…

The Sentinel…

Every THUMBS DOWN I see “no matter” where I drop….., lets me know you my Romantic Warriors are still Awake too THEY LIVE!!!

China Exploits Our Free and Open Society via @YouTube As you can see NO ONE Talks about the U.N. Planing out all WARS since WORLD WAR TWO cause China - Russia - USA are all on SAME Security Council to PLAN OUT WARS every 15 Months... [Q]

The Society of nonmason~


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