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Trump Funded Gates’ GAVI While Bragging About Cutting WHO Funds

David Knight
David Knight - 1,907 Views
Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Trump gave 3 times as much TAXPAYER money to Bill Gates global vaccine initiative (GAVI) that he bragged about cutting from WHO. But that’s just the beginning. He gave 10 times as much TAXPAYER money to BigPharma and 15 times as much to do testing & tracking of YOU

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ChristianLibertarian 2 years ago

So many Trump kool-aid drinkers on this site. I'm still trying to find him in my Holy Bible! I don't see him or his buddies Epstein and Bill Gates. Oh wait!! It does talk about "fake jews" (the cabal) and the synagogue of satan!! I was wrong, Trump and his buddies are mentioned

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Lechiel12 2 years ago

Why people get sooo upset if they hear anything negative about Trump, you make a good point and it can be proven !!! People will wake up when side affects from the vaccines show them who the invisible enemy really is!!!! Trump uses the same hand signs 666 that all the democratic party uses, they are communicate with each other. It's all a GAME!!

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CANCELBigTec 2 years ago

FO you asshole. Unsubscribed.

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melesa 2 years ago

Good riddance.

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Thavows1984 2 years ago

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