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Trump Departed The White House, Its Over, Biden To Be Sworn In And Trump FAILED To Pardon Assange

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 375 Views
Published on 20 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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Herat1973 1 month ago

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npaula17 1 month ago

The military is in charge now.

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Bobinrosman 1 month ago

Have faith, the US Inc. was dissolved 18 months ago and He was "the last Potus" so sleepy Joe is Potus of nothing. You must have missed this?
Nothing can stop what is coming, NOTHING. Peace Brother.

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newagecrusaders 1 month ago

Look bro...lets be honest with ourselves. It's over. We were all played by the Q Psyop.

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Bama Oldschool
Bama Oldschool 1 month ago

Trump has let down the world ?

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