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Trump Banned EVERYWHERE - Moves to Parler. More Proof ANTIFA False Flagged MAGA, Impeachment 2.0

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 812 Views
Published on 09 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

On this EMERGENCY episode of The Silent War as Peak Censorship goes on the final purge - banning even Trump - Everywhere Big Tech controls
Also, Antifa BUSTED false flagging MAGA at our nations Capitol. More evidence emerges.

We connect new dots between the mysterious Viking and the agent provocateur fake QAnon - Austin Steinbart.

Pelosi Threatens to impeach Trump if he refuses to Resign - do Dems fear Justice in Trumps counter punch to the coup?

Don't miss this one! It may be our last episode!

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Eritrea 2 months ago

I can’t even use parler
I think big tech banned the whole platform

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Good or Evil is really in Question: when EVERY ONE is insane…

As we pant-er down the Road too Happy Destiny my fellow FREE MASON Lodge Members where we have conceived the most Dastardly plan to {Ruin the Lives} of all nonmason Populations on this side of FLAT EARTH, it must really impress you that no matter what The Oracle for the End of an Age does or says, so far, nothing and no one has been “Redeemed” too return to their Home World cause this Home World Celestial Sphere we are all [trapped in] continually RESETS back to 1893 A.D. returning us all back to Incubator Babies at the end of The MUD FLOOD WARS… Surly you must be enjoying your Oraborus “Cures” of De-Ja-Vu where your Dreams whilst you sleep, and slumber convict you’m of your Treachery – Sedition – Malfeasance lives where you’m continue to say on your TV: WE LANDED ON THE MOON making you “A Liar” and an OATH BREAKER to your Oath of Office no matter what U.N. Flag resides in your Military “Militant” Corporation CAPITALS on this side of FLAT EARTH under the DOME OF THE ROCK Our Mother Heaven That “Firmament” in the Old Testament Hebrew and Greek Biblical…

How long have [both sides] of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere done this Dance where A.I. Television Shows and {3D C.G.I.} Personalities become the WORLD LEADERS on our As Above / So Below Masonic PizzaGATE Satanic Life Style.?.?.? What did you MASONS do to Inner Earth in those D.U.M.B.S. where you fucked up the Machinery and Technological “Androids” that kept this WEST WORLD TV Show the NEW NORMAL as day after day after day be we MASON or nonmason, we continually “wake up” to this DREAM and Memory of how the People, and Beings, and Entities of PLANTS on Earth all became A TIME LOOP called: Forever and ever and ever in New Testament CODE where Christ Jesus 1.0 the Greatest SORCERER to ever live’ thought he could teach Regrets, Reconciliation, and Reconsideration to a Population raised of {Tags and LABELS} of I AM a Zionist!!!! I am a Jesuit!!! I am the ROMAN {NEWS} World Order Military TV EMPIRE!!! Even U.N. Troops know Christ Jesus has Returned……., and they have read all the books of EXODICE… But You People want WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against Our Laws, and Our Religions on Both Sides of FLAT EARTH in this Game called “Purgatory” the great Purgatorium…

How many “times” has the Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body TEMPLE Avatar of this Person learned Alchemy + Code + Magic = Sorcery in an Attempt to free {WE THE PEOPLE} from Total Annihilation and EXTINCTION in 2094 C.E. when the [Last Person] will walk this OUR FATHER Earth before Our Mother Heaven Sheds her skin, and the last person alive will say: The Sky is Falling, or what that man remembered in REVELATION 8 where he did so to say: I saw what looked like The Size of A Mountain “Falling” from The Heavens…….., and when it Impacted The Ocean the Great Flood of Gilgamesh and Noah and many other Myths and Lore and [Historians] wrote down the END OF THE WORLD where MUD FLOODS and Weapons of War and SORCERY became the end of all life on Both Sides of our (As Above / So Below) +=+ Virtual Reality known as The GREAT WORK in your FREE MASON Lodges, and still you “repeat” this mistake for all time cause WE ARE and you THEY LIVE continually have [De-Ja-Vu] meaning the Oraborus Curse of REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT continues to go on here in 2021 C.E.

WE ARE know the Bible is just a Book of “Memories” in our Holographix Lives by those whom lived through the Madness of your O.T.O. Kabbalah Zohar SORCERY as you speak to [the dead] calling them Demons when they are nothing more then the Spirits of the OLD TESTAMENT called by G.O.D. Evil and Wicked People now {forever damned} too ROAM the Earth on this Northern Hemisphere of FLAT EARTH; as well as, The Southern Hemisphere in our Celestial Sphere WAKING walking Dream where the lie of (COVID19) does not STOP the Spraying of our Skies with Chem Trail Planes that are nothing more then CHEMICAL DUMPS of all “Corporations” and their Goodies called: Buy My Shit we do so show you on your FLAT SCREENS and {Black Mirror} Mechanization, and as more and more AVATARS get deleted, the only ones whom walk the earth by 2077 C.E. will be our children and their remaining “elders” whom can no longer [Pro Create] cause all Humans and nonhumans were made STERILE as we were “Sterilized” by your Medications – Vaccines – Toxic Corporation Waste in our Lands, Air, and Water Supplies… Enjoy your Madness and [Lunacy] FREE MASON Lodge Members for your “QANON” DEPLORABLE Lifestyles most Assuredly Earned It!!!

Johnny Exodice


Get out of your houses my nonmason TAX PAYING Citizens, and go look at the FACTORIES where you live, and go ask your Local Mayor – School Board – Town Hall Leaders, and all the rest: What and where does all the TOXIC {Deadly Sludge} go when we Wash our Clothes, Our Dishes, OUR Automobiles, OUR Military Weapons, and our “Bodies” with Chemicals that are creating Autism in our New Born Babies, and other Birth Defects, and causing Our nonmason Old too have “Dementia” and Alzheimer's????

Yeah, that's right CONSUMERS….., you poisoned your [own parents] and your selves and your children, cause you {never looked up} the INGREDIENTS in your Toxic Soaps…

Fools, and Faggots, and FLAKES is all FREE MASON Lodge Members have [ever been] and will ever be… I guess WE ARE all “attracted” to the STUPIDITY that makes You and Me...

The Society of nonmason~

Oh yeah….., FUCK YOU!!!, and Fuck You…., And Fuck YOU too...

The Sentinel...

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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Henri Musset
Henri Musset 2 months ago

Marshal fukn Law, now!

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Tech Edge
Tech Edge 2 months ago

isaac kappy posted video and tweeted .. its on like donkey kong

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Little Bright Feather
Little Bright Feather 2 months ago

Communist power crazed Pelosi has taken on the position of interm president and is giving the orders now. The President cannot even get into he WH ! They are building wall aroudn the WH so no one can get in but THEM.
Trump has one thing left that Peolsi is also trying to sabotage THE MILITARY. TRUMP CAN CALL FOR MARTIAL LAW ! So Pelsoi is trying to get control of the Military via a Communist General of the Military. She knows he still can call for the Martial Law, and he should before she gets that too. Pelosi lives and breathes evil so don't put that past her to do ! She's already taken over the office of President !

We like THIS platform NOT Parler !

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whicket 2 months ago

think about the wicked witch sending out her flying monkeys...Nancy.

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