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Trudeau Humiliated at European Union

Canadas Patriots
Canadas Patriots - 618 Views
Published on 26 Mar 2022 / In News and Politics

FINALLY - 3 European Ministers Humiliate Justin Trudeau and 500 plus other Ministers REFUSE to attend his speech to the EU.

Trudeau is called a "DISGRACE to DEMOCRACY", a "DICTATORSHIP of the WORST KIND" and to "PLEASE SPARE THE MEMBERS OF HIS PRESENCE. They may as well have Slapped his ugly face or put him over their knees and spanked him! You will notice at the begining the venue may as well be empty! The CBC, aka, The Communist Broadcasting Corporation of Canada stated Trudeau got a Standing Ovation. Just another Lie bestowed upon us by the Government Bribed Main Street Media.

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Wow! They really slammed Trudeau! Good for them.
This post reveals how sick and sinister Trudeau really is.
The Canadian Cabal, Pedophilia, Murder and Treason
I suggest you make a copy of this post to send to your friends because if Bill C11, The Internet Censorship bill is passed by the Canadian government Canadians will not be able to access my website.

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