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Trudeau's Folly - What is Next

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Published on 22 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Nothing Changed: Trudeau’s power grab failed

Dustbin Trudeau called a snap election in August 2021, only twenty one months since the last federal election (December 2019), yet Canada allows a sitting parliament up to five years. His hope was to get a majority after riding high in the polls.

Instead, parliament will have almost exactly the same distribution of seats. This $600 million debacle of ego and a power grab accomplished nothing except give Trudeau two more years on the clock than he already had with the same parliament. It created potential mass spreader events everywhere, inflated the cost of an pointless and unnecessary election that taxpayers will foot the bill for. If he wanted to win a majority, how about acting in the public interest and doing what’s best for the country and saying “look what I did” in 2023?

After the December 2019 election, I said “a tolerable result”. This is intolerable.

'Waste of money': Canadians lament C$612 million election that changed little

Canadians woke up to a virtually unchanged political landscape on Tuesday after an expensivepandemic election they did not want, with many venting their fury at the C$612 million ($477.60 million) cost.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals won the election, but it was unpopular from the start for its timing, two years ahead of schedule and during a rising fourth wave of COVID-19.

Canadian elections reduce Justin Trudeau’s credibility

Justin Trudeau, re-elected as Canadian Prime Minister for the third term, thanked voters for “returning his Liberal Party to work on a clear mission.” However, Cannot secure a majority Its mission was unclear when Trudeau called for a steep election two years earlier than planned and instead voted for the least popular vote of the party that won the Canadian federal elections.

Erin O’Toole, the leader of the Conservative opposition, was more focused when he called the election a “waste of time and money.” The most expensive election in Canada’s history cost $ 600 million, but there has been little change in the composition of parliament.

Party wins popular vote for second election in a row

This is also the 5th election in the last 6 that the Liberals have finished behind the Conservatives in the popular vote. Since 2006 they’ve averaged 30% of the vote, to the Tories’ 36%. So while the Tories clearly have work to do to expand their base, so do the Grits.

— Andrew Coyne (@acoyne) September 21, 2021

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jimbond 28 days ago

Justin CASTRO was conceived in Cuba. He should go back to his communist/dictatorship homeland.

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