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THE JTB3  - "Heavy Blues" Rehearsal Outtake

Tropical Cyclone "Batsiari" death toll rises to 111, Madagascar

Sohailshaik - 108 Views
Published on 15 Feb 2022 / In Film and Animation

Tropical Cyclone "Batsiari" death toll rises to 111, Madagascar

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 12 months ago

The MOST Hated are We whom will NOT embrace the lie…

It is not Our God of Day 3 and Day 6 that makes me resist WAR IS MURDER, it is I myself that "knows" in my Heart of Hearts too kill you: because your FLAG` is not My FLAG' is a game of hatred…

Do I really need a {World Government} too tell me what to do, where I can go, what I can say.?.?.?

Most Certainly Not!!!

Yet, I look at this World of Purgatory turning into Perdition, and the many on the WIDE PATH of Insanity of DO WHAT THE TV TELLS YOU TO DO!!!!

I do not need a FLAG "too be" my God like most of you…

You whom say I love my God, but in truth you mean you love a {Piece of Cloth} that sends your moms and dads off to kill and murder other moms and dads when The Book of Peace is no more…

Why do you want to shoot Weapons at your Friends???

You say they are the ENEMY but that is just one more [Lie Agreed Upon] so you will buy Happy Meals......., and say Christ Jesus Works at Chick Fil A!!!!

Has it ever occurred to you that your Leadership is not the problem, but (you) the TAX Paying Coreligionist.?.?.?

Why do you pay MONEY to a building, and thence lie to your own mind that a CORPORATION is God, and we "must" pay God Money too be loved???

In every attempt to say: Are you Catching On Yet, you don’t want to know: that the Awful Horror' in the New Testament GOSPEL` is our Dead Home World The Moon…

You want to yell and scream at the TV Screen as you sit all alone in your place of Reprobate….

The world is over, and what was, and what is, and what will be happened long ago, so why are you still "Trapped" in a Broken World Machine.?.?.?

Everything here is a Lie from your (FLAG) to your Citizenship........., and still you worship "them" that send you off to kill one another, so they can say look!!!!


Go ahead and kill [children] because Their FLAG is not Your FLAG, but do not blame your Leadership WAR VETERAN, you killed because you like Murdering People, and you are in Purgatory because you never Loved your God: for your God' Told you` in them {TEN COMMANDMENTS} do not kill others…, but you "disobey" Your God because you want to say:


You knew, and you know the Police, and the Military live off of your money, and you [know] that we are all Flesh and Blood and Bones, and you KNEW: and You Know` too murder' people is wrong,

so do NOT blame Your Flag, Your Country, nor Your LEADERSHIP…

You [chose] too kill and murder people and children, and it matters not why: you are` guilty' of Hatred…

Would you like some (SALT) with them "fries" Murdering ONE???

Christ Jesus Returned~ ?

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THE JTB3  - "Heavy Blues" Rehearsal Outtake