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Trey Smith: 'Vision of the Dark Tracks' - A Prophesy From 2018 Henry Schaffer Foresaw That Many Will Be In A Dark Place in 2023

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Published on 17 Mar 2023 / In Spiritual

Trey Smith put this presentation out on March 13th 2023
Morpheus 9-11
Vision of the Dark Tracks: This 30-minute presentation by Trey Smith covers a vision from 2018 by Henry Shaffer.

In the vision Henry Schaffer saw a very dark time that would specifically occur in the year of 2023. People were walking on a dark set of railroad tracks. There was no electricity, and food may have had shortages.

Where they were on these railroad tracks was darkness. However, where they were headed there was light.

At the time Henry Schaffer told me this vision of a very dark America in the year of 2023, I did not believe him. However, the vision he told me simply would not leave my thoughts. I believed that Donald Trump would have two terms back-to-back. I also believed you have a time of prosper that would last until the end of those terms.

During the year of 2018 (the year of the vision) America was booming financially. Even liberal TV shows and comedians such as Bill Maher openly called for financial devastation to come as it would injure the re-election hopes for Trump.

They got their wish.

However, what the prophetic words from Kim Clement and others actually contained were imageries of very dark times between those two terms. More specifically, Kim had had stated that following the second impeachment, Trump would be "Set-Aside" as is covered in a full-length film at

In short, whilst I focused on the positive parts of the prophecies, there were many dark parts. Those dark parts appear to be the catalyst of what many have described as a "Global Awakening".

In such awakening both America and the world, at least for a time, would have days unlike any in our life-times.

VISION of the DARK TRACKS: This is a roughly 30-minute commentary on visions and prophecy surrounding the year of 2023.

Trey Smith
God in a Nutshell project

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