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Treacherous Backstabbing Freemason/Luciferians Run Western Civilization

JamesRoss - 281 Views
Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In Spiritual

It is not a coincidence that Luciferian Obama is chanting "Yes We Can."
"Thank you satan... for the ancient A.i. brainchip technology." is the full message which makes the Luciferians gloat publically. Little do they realize that mind-uploads into the A.i. fake singularity is just a lie from the satan-race to trick Luciferians into servitude. All minions and thUgs will simply have A.i. mimic their personality and voice along with records of their memories... SUCKERS, YOU THUGS WILL ALL DIE AT THE HANDS OF SATAN!!! AND EVEN WORSE IS THAT YOUR MURDEROUS, TREACHEROUS PERSONALITIES ARE UNWORTHY OF A USEFUL AFTERLIFE. LUCIFERIAN THUGS JUST GET SPIRITUALLY BOXED UP ALONG WITH THE SATAN-RACE OF DECAYING SOUL-FRAGMENTS. THERE IS NOT MIND-UPLOADS AND NO AD ASTRA PER ASPERA FOR GENOCIDAL FREEMASONS... STUPID TRAITORS TO THEIR OWN GENETICS.

To say things or do things in a sequence of three is a Mystery School Cult belief of empowering. They think in numbers and they also believe in turning things upside-down or reversing it to discover the wicked purpose.

It is not a coincidence by any means... Freemasons and Luciferians feel a fake joy when they do and say these hidden things and then say that the Christians are "conspiracy theorists." No theory here... JFK's ritual death was not a theory, 9/11 building 7 demolition was no theory. Non-Cult people dying from injection-induced clots is not a theory, but they are all covered-up by the Luciferian conspiracy.

If you are of good-will and good-intentions for your fellow mankind, then you can feel your blessings coming from your Creator-God if you seek it's source in your life.
Luciferians have chosen a life of disrespecting their human-nature of lovingness towards others. All of Freemasonic control is geared to serve the ancient failed mankind of Homo capensis or "Satan" the old devils.

Obama is brainchipped into the fake light of Lucifer via brainchip connected to the digital microwave-grid of enslavement. The Freemasons and Luciferians believe they are now "human2.0" because of their mind-controlling brainchips. They are actually much lesser souls as their conspire to cull their own species from God's loving Earth.

Obama is little more that a pathetically deceptive thUg... as are all Luciferians brainchipped to serve Satan.

The technology of Satan is supported by the Freemasons running your community:

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