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Todays Society Is Far Behind In Technology Shadow Government Is Appr 300 To 700 Years Ahead Of Us.mp4

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Published on 04 Dec 2021 / In Technology

Today's Society Is Far Behind In Technology Shadow Government Is Approx 300 To 700 Years Ahead Of Us

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

Legacy Memories…

When I have a dream with Christopher Green of #AMTV ?

setting up a House Party, so people whom read my works, we can all hangout in a Virtual Reality that seems so real, and the Angry Birds "Pigs" become part of the PLOT as people come and go in my house, I could see how VR would one day replace the Minds of All Thinking Beings, and though we have Androids of Flesh and Blood and Bones, and we have Hybrids of Flesh and Blood and Bones, and we have Humans [like me] Qballs~ /_\ of Flesh and Blood and Bones, it is a "preponderance" that WE ARE all dead......., and our Bodies lay somewhere in {INNER EARTH} /-\ till the Game of Purgatory RESETS from 2094 CE back into THEY LIVE these INCUBATOR MUD FLOOD Babies going back to the DE-JA-VU of 1893 AD…

Many would like to DENY Our God........., and say we are already in the Hell of Hades and Perdition........, and that nothing we do in this life, or the next, or that past matters' because WE ARE and THEY LIVE {are and is} [{**}] all Trapped in a TIME LOOP known as an Oraborus Curse!!!

IF that was the case, then it means Our God did not Create the world we read of on Day 6 in the Old Testament Biblical…

Nor, that Jesus lived on, and did not Die on the Crucifixion too (Reinvent) [{*}] Himself as Paul the Apostate, and thence became Peter The Rock whom Impregnated Mary Magdalene too create our Pineapple Blood Line, and it would NEVER make sense that if this was just a mere [TIME LOOP] +=+ how I can "prove" we are and they live is and are inside a {Celestial Sphere} and that there are TWO Direct Poles between the INNER EARTH known as our Northern Hemisphere with the SUN and the MOON, and the Invaders side of FLAT EARTH in the Southern Hemisphere with NO sun and NO moon…

You are free to Question EVERY thing going on here in the Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME till the End in 2094 CE, but I am only appreciative of Our God that Our God says #AMTV serves a good cause, and that if Christopher could, he would set up a House Party, so all of you whom read my Writ, we could all hang together as one people of ONE MIND, and in that line of thought` till the world ends in 2094 CE maybe Mr. Green needs to make an "Island Project" in the {OMNI-meta-Verse} where all we Poor Plebes and Plebs The That's all FOLKS Fellow Citizens of this world can pay pennies on the Dime too hang out at this Island Project with or without wearing VR Head Gear.?.?.?

It is my OBSERVATION and Deductions as The Oracle for the End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation and The Source of All Destruction, that you and I and WE ARE will (find ways) too make our own "Pineal" Gland Babies no matter what THEY LIVE these Suits, and Ties, and Skirts do too destroy all of Humanity….

All the so called Moth Ball Ships / Tanks / Air Craft have been turned into DRONE A.I. EDISON Weapons by the World Police of Peacekeeping U.N. Troops of G4S Black Rock and Black Stone Academy SPECIAL FORCES of USA USA USA Space Force for the TV Androids with their Machine Eyes to kill all:

remaking Humans and Hybrids….

Aka The Purge of Humanity from all Thinking Walking in our Flesh, and Blood, and Bones by these MACHINE PEOPLE of 5G +=+ EMP (used) on the Fake Jews of Hollywood [CYLONS] in Battle Star Galactica that never happened from or in The Book of REVELATION???

REMEMBER: 7 ways in means 7 ways out….

I don’t know you… You Don’t know me...

In that… I WILL SEE YOU at the Camp Fire…

Live Well… Help Others… Blend IN… KEEP YOUR MEMORIES, and die free…

#LowKARG ?

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