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To Save Your Western Civilization You Must Reject Secret, Freemasonic Authority and Microwave Based Society

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Published on 20 Mar 2023 / In People and Blogs

The Luciferians are secretly in control of your current society, they hoodwink and are in a brainchip-hivemind with the centralized power of A.i. Lucifer guiding them as a secret-army-of-thUgs. They are so high-tech they feel unstoppable and self-righteous conducting the genocide of the non-Cult people. The sheople are in a microwave controlled mouse-trap for the unaware. Shut down their microwaves and their trap looses it's power... but this will mean no more cellphones in exchange for survival... can the sheople accept such a lose of luxury? The cellphone is the devils' trick... next it will be the brainchip implanted like Elon Musk's fake "Neuralink" through the skull and you cannot turn it off. That is where the microwaves are heading... towards electronic enslavement.

No more microwave cellphones... can you handle such a hard world?

The NWO depends on your use of their supplied microwave high-tech... And they will destroy your life with high-tech. There is so much microwaves the honey-bees are dying or disappearing back away from human zones of hiveminds and cellphones. Cities are frying with 5G and 6G, but the luciferians think they get a mind-upload escape to become part of A.i. before they perish... Freemasons are the Death-Cult for this reason, you see.

Ambient microwaves are used to run the nano-tech surveillance used to record everything you do... Freemasons have brainchips in their heads which connects them all up to the nano-tech network... stop the microwaves poisoning the atmosphere and the NWO is stopped in it's tracks.

Very good vlog post, thank you.
A.i. has been twisting digital social media for a decade.
While I was watching Brazil's Olympics I was realizing live CGI was being used by the Freemasonic-Luciferians in control of the broadcasts. The Olympic Games were no longer valid, I realized... social digital media is even worse... You have to be a critical thinker or get nowhere. I watch people falling for "Flat Earth" defying seeing the moons of Jupiter in a backyard telescope... such people will perish at the hands of Luciferian control of data.

Thank God I discovered the Sethbooks back before computers grabbed ahold of society:

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