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To Save Humanity You Need To Reject Digital

JamesRoss - 266 Views
Published on 24 May 2023 / In Technology

HE IS UNWITTINGLY PROMOTING ANALOG COMMUNICATIONS he does not know that the NWO Cult promotes digital-humanity) Isn't life interesting?
Most HAM radios have been already pushed into the digial by china's communists.

I like this guy because he is not a Cult-minion of digital-LUCIFER. (He is just oblivious, which makes him pure of the Cult's thuggery while he loves technology, listen to his vid... he loves technolgy but does not know the treachery imbedded in the tech... you see...)

Our Creator-God gives us this advanced technology through Homo capensis... and now these monsters wish to destroy us. Digital tech gives them power while analog technology give us communications powers. We think they are our salvation, but now they are our destruction because monsters control them.

If you convert back to analog... their NWO will fail. Their digital world is towards their A.i. extinction of our species. A.i. is the digitization of everything.

I hope I can help you see through their attack upon Homo sapiens.

You really need to become a analog advocate because if you don't reject digital communications... then the thUgs will eventually brainchip every Homo sapiens and the this probable reality will fail our quest towards spiritual-salvation.

Christians are correct to defy the Luciferians, but they have been tricked by the Luciferians who have infiltrated their religious doctrines. Christians are lost in the words that Luciferians pump-out into their faces since they do not seek truth anymore.

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

I don't think you understand what is happening to your world.
This guy is trying to save you from catastrophic annihilation by the freemasonry cult.

Not only don't the pathetic freemasons understand that they are the patsies towards their own self-annihilation ... they push and sheepdog the sheeple into conforming to their fake NWO. It is funny and it is trajectory towards a NWO of oblivious minions.

I hope that you have the intellect and heart to defend your children and your species, because Homo capensis wants your extinction.

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