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TLAV Rolling Stone Pathetic Article About Eric Clapton Covid-19 Vaccine Experience David Browne.mp4

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Published on 14 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

TLAV Rolling Stone Pathetic Article About Eric Clapton Covid-19 Vaccine Experience David Browne
The Last American Vagabond

Taiwan Death Reports After Injection Outnumber COVID Deaths, Myocarditis Cover Up & Exposing Misinfo

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

Johnny Exodice
57 minutes ago
In A World Machine, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, nor Improbable, so when you are researching these OTO Wicca Thelema Kabbalah Zohar “Types” you would be well informed to think of these 72 Angels and the many other Demons as Technology Devices that can be used to RIP OPEN THE SKY when the people all screamed in the Book of Solomon that THE SKY IS FALLING because in the Old Testament story of Samson and Delilah Samson Tore Open our Celestial Sphere as foretold in another version when the GREAT RIFT known as the Scar of the Milky Way on the DOME OF THE ROCK allowed the Shadow of Death to "permeate" through that Tare / Crack / fissures in Our Mother Heaven, and down here onto OUR Father FLAT EARTH!!!

When OUR Celestial Heavens here in PURGATORY were and was {ripped open} [{}] by these NASA freemason Lodges Weapons of Trillion Watt 1970's Godzilla LAZERS Penetration of Our Skies high above where [Lucifer] Qballs~ /\ Fell from Heaven and it looked like RED Lightening.......,* Also before we called them Angels, we called Stars "Astron" for ASTRONOMY, and before that Aster for the Great Disaster...........

and Green as well when you consider we used to call these STARS in the Heavens "these" Orbs and Luminaries........., and in the Great Nuclear Hydrogen Atomic Holocaust WAR of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855 the U.S. Military of this ROMAN EMPIRE shot Angels out of Heaven aka THEY LIVE these Fake Jews from the Book of Revelation known as these Hollywood JEWS [Satan] Qballs~ /\ was the name of a {RED STAR} like Mars the Wondering Star: because we used to call and NAME these Stars of light and illumination "Angels" in the DOME OF THE ROCK from the Egyptian Babylonian TEXT….

Your (perceptions) [{**}] of REALITY might hinder you my LOGANS RUN "Runner" if youm still believe the TV about landing on the Moon, but in TIME any one of us that is {Chosen by} +=+ the Holy Water Spirit as spake in the NEW TESTAMENT Jewish Gospels have to stop calling ourselves Gentiles of the Gentlemen:

for WE ARE the "Real Jews" from the Book of Revelation, so you may tell any FAKE JEW from Israel to where ever that you are A Jew!!!!

Take it with all you see and hear that THEY LIVE "these" Corporations and what (THEY LIVE) did to our Christ Jesus 1.0 where the ROMANS aka these INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS Capitalist tried to murder Jesus........,

but we My Rag Tag Rebellion "of and for" Our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy got OUR Christ off that Cross, so he could reinvent himself as Paul the Apostate, and later Peter the Rock whom married Mary Magdalena too "produce" OUR Pineapple [Blood Line] /-\ that would one day give birth to me Christ Jesus Returned….

The House of Griffin in our Shared Celestial Sphere….

It is not about Magick……., it is about MATHEMATICS!!!!!

Now let us "study" more on these FUTURIST aka Capitalist INTERNATIONALIST whom all will die just as the Book of Revelation (continues) to come true as does many things wrote in that Book of Books "writ" in any LEGAL Court of RULE OF LAW in these Days of Noah Re-storied till the END OF DAYS in 2094 CE

#YellowROSE ?

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