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Thunderbolt™ 4 Preview – The Truly Universal Cable Connectivity Solution

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Published on 28 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

One of the most important things we focused on was making sure that Thunderbolt™ 4 computers and cables are a fully compatible extension to existing Thunderbolt™ 3 accessories and cables so you can still take advantage of the gear you have now.

Thunderbolt™ is a high-speed protocol that can dynamically adjust data and video bandwidth depending on the device and/or application. It is now the basis of the USB4 protocol specification.

Thunderbolt™ 4 and USB 4 products will use the same underlying protocol specification to improve compatibility for USB-C based products.

~ What Is New With Thunderbolt™ 4?
Double the minimum video and data requirements of Thunderbolt 3
 Video: Support for two 4K displays or one 8K display
 Data: PCIe at 32 Gb/s for storage speeds up to 3,000 MB/s
Expanded End-to-End Solution Capabilities
 Accessories with four Thunderbolt ports
 Universal 40Gb/s cables up to 2 meters in length
 Required PC charging on at least one computer port1
 Required PC wake from sleep when computer is connected to a Thunderbolt dock
 Required Intel VT-d based direct memory access (DMA) protection
USB4 Specification Compliant

~ What Makes It Great?
Truly Universal
o Most complete and future proof version of USB-C
Effortless Connectivity
o More ways to connect accessories than ever before
Secure & Manageable
o Intel VT-d based DMA protection
Always Fast
o 40Gb/s for connecting to powerful Thunderbolt docks, monitors, fast storage and more
Notebook Charging
o Required on at least one computer port
Mandatory Certification
o Consistent user experience across a wide range of product types and manufacturers

See more our products database for more Thunderbolt technology: https://thunderbolttechnology.net/products

Learn more about Thunderbolt here: https://thunderbolttechnology.net/consumer/

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Thunderbolt™ 3 is your single cable solution!

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