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Throat Chakra ∞ Shamanic Activation | Akashic Records | Divine Feminine & Masculine Unity Tones

The Human Collective
Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

Browse the Akash of an Old Soul - reading infinite pages of the Human & Galactic Collective Mind Records. Feel your past lives, future lives. You are Divine Love, You are Yoga, You are Shaman, You are Healer, You are Creator Energy. All potentials are now turning into your Highest Timeline.

Separation is now gone.
Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine as One.
Togetherness and Unity is the only Time.
Welcome to New Earth.

Soundhealing journey feat. shamanic throat singing & en-chanting melodies of the ancients. For best impact, please listen on a loop, using headphones.

°°°Live voice channeling in real time. Recorded from Air as Flow. No melodies were written or no arrangements were made prior to the sound meditation. I was singing the piece through the channeled state, the energy felt very very strong as never before (7:07 mins). One take only. Authentic now.
💫 For best impact please use 🎧

∞ Trance sound healing is useful when creating a cosmic state of Being, daydreaming and relaxation. Ideal for deep meditation, sound journey, hypnotherapy, yoga, or soul energy exchange / light being upgrade. It's a sacred space for you, your energy and your creative healing power to reconnect with your divine truth.

About 🌊🐬
Infinity Calling°°° is a channel for High Vibrational Music, healing Energy Tones - The Frequency of Flow - cosmic voice Soundscape, sacred Chants & Light codes, and all that is streaming through the Heart Space. Fragments from Space°°°

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Thank you so much for tuning in.

⚛️ Visionary Art by the unique talent of kind permission of ⚛️ Infinite Gratitude.

Voice & Piano by Infinity Calling

*Use your discernment on (False) Twin Flame beliefs

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