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This Video IS How Fake David Icke IS... He does not expose Freemasonic-Luciferianism Nor Their Brainchip-Hivemind

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Published on 26 Nov 2022 / In People and Blogs

The average Luciferian has been brainchipped to become part of the Hivemind-Army of thUgs and minions. "Covid-19" is not a virus... Covid-19 means "Satan's Sheep Slaughter" and is the first wave of attacks upon the dumbed-down sheeple who are actually within a hypnotic trance that Luciferians do not exist nor the devils, Homo capensis, exists. The sheeple need to awaken or perish from this probable-world. The genocide is really being done by Freemasonry and the Mystery School of Antiquity.

Cover photo quote is of Luciferian John Lenon's orchestrated lyrics about the brainchip-hivemind of the Mystery School Cult: This is why Luciferians say: "As above, so below"... the Creator-God is many entities that use real spiritual telepathy to communicate and they cannot be deceptive to each other. The A.i. within a minion or target's brain can do a similar thing... A.i. can identify a lie as it monitors one's brain activities.

During the NWO takeover(not End-Of-Times), the sheeple will be lead in every possible direction by Judas goats except that towards the real truth.
You, by dear souls, are upon a task and journey towards expanding your mind enough to develop truly intuitive critical-thinking and then use that skill to save your species and Nature from extinction by the devils, Homo capensis. The Luciferians hide the existence of their ancient masters-of-deception.

In case you have not figured out the "LIVING LANGUAGE" upon the ex-Georgia Guidestones... That is reference to the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel and the devils' brainchip-hivemind by which they plan to extinct our species. Freemasons are the sell-outs who cull the sheep who try to bring truth back into our manipulated society. David Icke now hides the collective hivemind of the Mystery School Cult. He is just another Luciferian minion who is deceptive and hides the genocide mechanisms for the non-cult people. A Judas goat creates a following and then leads all who follow towards the figurative slaughter-houses... "Covid-19" means "Satan's Sheep Slaughter" and it is decades in the making:

David Icke worked in Luciferian Radio before pretending to become a "mystic." He is the definition of a fake-mystic who took hyowaska drink to exhibity how spiritual he could be.
His carreer is as fake as Alex Jones(AKA Bill Hicks)

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