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This is why we need to BAN TikTok now

TwoFeather - 213 Views
Published on 10 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

I hate cancel culture because I believe in the fundamental human right to free speech, even for silly ideas. People have the right to be wrong.

I'm not advocating cancelling TikTok because of the crap content it produces exploiting little kids. I'm not even pushing to ban the platform because of their clear elevation of content that PROMOTES communist-China.

We need to ban TikTok for one reason; the threat it poses to our national security. Experts around the world have warned of the real danger TikTok presents to the west. Like every Chinese company, TikTok is bound by CCP regulation which means whatever TikTok has access to, so does the Chinese government.

That means, as we speak, as tensions between us and China escalate, our enemy has access to millions of our devices. They can hear everything we're saying in private; they can steal our contacts, trace our movements and god knows what else they're getting from our phones.

While you may think it's harmless fun your teenager is having, nothing the communist party of China does is harmless. You merely having the app installed on your phone even without an account gives China the access they need.

Let's make everyone happy and create an Aussie version of TikTok; we can call it G'dayMate.

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