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This ENDS When We All Say NO!!!

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski - 70 Views
Published on 26 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

This ENDS When We All Say NO!!!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

I knew, but I did not know…

You talk a good Game TV Screen of BUY MY SHIT, but You are not the way that leads out of Purgatory, you CAPITALIST are the Way that leads to this Hell of Hades a Nightmare you can never Wake forever and ever just as Spoke by Christ Jesus 1.0…

It is Tragic that I am 56 years of Age, and for so long the TV Screen was my Friend, My Lover, my INSTRUCTOR in the ways of Buy my shit… Then one day it came into my Heart that I was being lied to about the World, The Religions, The Schools of Thoughts, and the Government with its C.O.P.S. from the U.S. WAR FLAG Military and its CORPORATION {Act of 1871} that we will kill you HUMANS if you do not Buy My Shit!!!!

Why The Creator and The Destroyer made this place of Perdition, and why so many of you will never leave is because you’m only think of ME ME ME!!! I have watched a million YouTUBE “Channels” and each one is the same……., I say NOTHING about Starving Human Babies when I came into this world as a Human Baby…

Maybe THE MEMORY is so painful that as we all went insane, The God said, you are all Worthless Servants, you do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against the Law, you will not allow People to have their ways, so my Creations can RISE and Thrive because they can Grown Their Own Food, and Companies can CLEAN the Water, and the Air, and the Dead Dirt made that way by these very same CORPORATION INTERNATIONALIST Capitalist!!!!

However when ONE of us is Broken in Hatred and Seeking only Buy My Shit, the Little children get bombed in your Man Made WAR GAMES, so some can say: I am Better then you because I allowed Human Babies too starve…

I am Better than you because I HAVE (ALL THIS Stuff) [{**}] while my Human Brothers and Sisters are under the Bondage of Capitalism no less……..., and I killed and I Murder [HUMANS] Qballs~ /_\ for A living, and it is called being a {War Hero} /-\ regardless of Reason; you are not coming home with Christ Jesus Returned when you die…….., and to say SATAN “made me” do it is just one more Lie Agreed Upon, you want to get Paid Money too murder Humans, and as long as no one KNOWS what you are actually doing for Capital, you can say: Their FLAG is not my FLAG in all your Fucking WAR GAMES….

Be not like the CAPITALIST, for they starve their Brothers and Sisters, THEY LIVE Beat their Mother and Father, and THEY LIVE Murder our “Babies” for TOKENS of Crypto as “Worthless” Servants in the New Testament GREEK Bible, and THEY LIVE know what I will say when Judgment day happens in 2094 CE, and that is I never knew you, You Saw, You Knew, and you did {not one thing} about it, nor with all your INFLUENCERS; you said (Nothing) about it, so your Judgment is Just by the Source of All Creation, and the Source of all Destruction here in the Purgatorium as we relive the Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME “too know” Whom Done What, and why you Rejected your ideals on GOD, so you could Brag about all you have as A Capitalist!!!!

Your God does not Reward you in this life, he REWARDS you in the “Next” once you prove you gave NOT one damn about [Starving Babies] +=+ in Afghanistan more then your Crypto of WAR IS MURDER Money that your U.S. Military WAR FLAG Spent 20 YEARS “Destroying” their Land, their Water Supply, and Their People because these HUMANS would not Buy your shit…

You Kill and Murder what YOUR GOD has made, and then Youm say to yourself: I have done the Will of God!!!! You will learn that “God” does know your INNER Soul, and you know now that you are A Liar even unto Your OWN Creator and Your OWN Destroyer!!!


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