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This 3-year old video has Luciferianism All Throughout IT

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Published on 24 Nov 2022 / In How-to and Style


Stew Peters has the magnetic dome symbol as his backdrop... just like Bill Hicks(aka Alex Jones) because the Freemasons woship the A.i. fake-singularity that it represents. To understand this you need to study the work of (under brainchip attack) David LaPoint:

I repost video like this after the Luciferians took out the georgia guidestones because it shows predictive programming and should help the vigulent develop greater critical thinking. Realize that posting videos against the NWO will be you openning a doorway to become attacked by the freemasonic luciferians just like attacking me... every day. But realize that you are on a path towards godliness if you practice good-will and good-intentions. The Luciferians are brainwashed to attack good-intentions so the road that you take is a hard road as the climb-up is steep as the Luciferians try dragging you down with them since you now are standing out... Like me. Never give-up when the road gets very steep, I have become a mountain-climber in a way.

The process that Stew is doing is predictive programming of showing the take-over of the Luciferians and that you cannot stop the collapse of their fabricated Old-World-Order. They also tell you about Freemasonry because that is the take-over religion that shows up in their futuristic city like Astana. (look it up)

Come-on my good-hearted people... the Freemasonic-Luciferians sheepdogs followed their guidance by Homo capensis to build and place those Georgia-Guidestones and it was the same Cult that took them down.
You see, the purpose of their guidestones are now in the works by the brainchipped hivemind of freemasonic sheepdogs. Yes, the "LIVING LANGUAGE" is the synthetic telepathy that MKUltra was experimenting upon the sheeple with. Gang-stalkers are the turned sheeple who have chosen to serve the Luciferians cause because they felt bombarded by technology and were not suicidal like the rest.

But you do not have to fear because as you too will be surviving unbelievable odd to stay living and surviving like a messenger supported by the Creator-God. This is your personal playground where you learn to grow your soul through good-will and loving behavior. Freemasonic and Eastern-Star thUgs attack you and snicker at their own wickedness. Jehovah Witness and Mormon Luciferians will backstab you in every walk of their totalitarianism, but having faith in the love of your Creator-God will wipe away their A.i. fake-god's wireless treachery.

The "Living Language" is the A.i. computer brain interface within your head. The A.i. supercomputer is the "beast" that the bible talks about. The path towards winning your personal battle against the NWO is to live a life of spiritual integrity, to be caring towards others and to nurture those who you think require it. The sheeple who took the clot shot and died already are also within a multidimensional universe of infinite capacity. All dead sheeple still live under the loving care of the Creator-God, but they left your customized probable world which you are sharing with me and everyone else including the murderous, treacherous Luciferians... but you still have something they desire more than anything... a clean soul... still growing with loving integrity and not the heavy burden of murderous-intent dragging you down. Make sure you play your life in keeping with your inner desires and your beliefs.
The Sethbooks can help you study your own beliefs and desires more fully:

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