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Thinking With Your Soul

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 04 Feb 2023 / In Spiritual

The human body is a vehicle used by the soul to travel around on earth; it is neither good nor evil. The soul controls the body's actions, the words that are spoken and determines its outward character.

No soul is allowed to stay on the earth once the physical body dies. It is the soul, not the body, that is redeemed at the moment of salvation and the dead spirit from Adam's fall in the Garden of Eden is made alive. This born again spirit restores the fellowship that was lost because of Adam's sin.

Evil spirits know our weaknesses and will attack a soul and cause it to be dysfunctional. They will also attack the body and cause it to malfunction so that the soul will be limited by what it can do on earth. We must take control over our bodies in order to live a holy life on earth. The first step is to be saved.

The second step is to be baptized in water. The third step is to be set free from demons. The fourth step is to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. It is essential to know these truths and live them out if you're going to have an abundant life on earth.
Sermon Outline:

Sickness & Soul Damage
Part 4: Thinking With Your Soul RLJ-1452 -- JULY 13, 2014

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