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They are backing off censorship because they know it’s over.

Phat Brain
Phat Brain - 501 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2022 / In Health

Why is twitter allowing truth videos to be displayed on their platform? They know that there is a sufficient number of those who have been vaccinated in order to carry out their plan of eugenics. They have accomplished scientific censorship long enough in order to execute depopulation on a massive scale.

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LittleSparrow1 4 months ago

In my opinion, in addition to the gig is up scenario, is that this is the final loosening of the slipknot before complete annihilation of the world's economies, population, freedoms. This follows the Biderman Report and the chart of coercion. God told us we will be subjected to everything they are doing. The only light at the end of the tunnel is our Savior returning. Prepare your hearts and souls.

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proudusagirl01 4 months ago

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