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These Little Ones Satanic Child Abuse and Sacrifice Documentary

Mike Fulmer
Mike Fulmer - 387 Views
Published on 17 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs

Odysee Exclusive:💥!:8/(FULL-VIDEO)-Isaac-Kappy%E2%80%99s-Dead-Man%E2%80%99s-Switch-Video--RIPISSACKAPPY:0 💥

We need to expose the time bombs the (((homosexual banking mafia))) set up through their endless predations, before they can correlate 'muh antisemitism' with terrorism - but it looks like we habs sum peepo on the JERB:

That's how they were able to erase Tartaria from existence
They all stood around, not believing it until the pew pew pew

So here's where VfB gets a li'l mean - instead of trying to beat a dead horse, I'm gunna drop this nag at yore doorstep:

"The film declares that the lid came off in a leading Democrat's leaked emails, in which "pizza" is used as secret code for child sex. But the filmmakers provide nothing to support that or any of the other claims put forth. The film provides no direct documentary evidence or victim statement or eyewitness to prove that government and media are run by a network of satanic child molesters, asking viewers to accept on pure faith its allegations of felony crimes. It also offers no circumstantial evidence, such as fingerprints, financial records or license plates from which a responsible inference can be drawn."



Well, if you won't believe me...perhaps Macualay Culkin?🍕

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gang 4 months ago

dalai lama and lvmh trolls are located around rue leon frot and rue richard lenoir in fake snack rooms hosting scientology whitening gestapo meanwhile feeding collabo runts with soetoro and holande "plastic rice"

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MoralitySheriff17 4 months ago

i c0uId punch th0se fucking punk ass c0ps square in the face..

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