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There is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 278 Views
Published on 27 Nov 2020 / In Film and Animation


📖 [Listen] Romans Chapter 8 - KJV
Alexander Scourby - Video Bible With Words

📖 [Read] Romans 8:1 - KJV Bible

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”


Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/cregen124

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Our MOST Favored Nation…

The Bible in Proverbs says: The More you know……., the more it hurts…..., and since we all now know we are in Purgatory for OUR PART in destroying….., and murdering Our Celestial Sphere Home World known as [PLANET EARTH] [{**}] under Masonic Code..., shall I now tell you what Black Goo is???, and why it was the {gravest Sin} we could do to OUR FATHER Earth.., and OUR Mother Heaven in this machine we are all born and live in., and yes…….., we will eventually die……..., and be REBORN {again and again} +=+ in this place for WE THE PEOPLE are the Ones Whom killed and Murdered our Home World “Earth” as that BLACK GOO is the life blood of this place, and thankfully this place is a Recreation of what we [immaterial] [{*}] immortals did to our place of escape from ETERNITY, so we could live TEMPORARY lives, and take a break, and have a Vacation from our Eternalness, but others [forgot] what our Home World Was made for, and THEY LIVE these Fake Jews from the Book of REVELATION known as FREE MASON Jesuit Zionist “Lodge” Members started to do WAR IS MURDER, and this is where we find our selves in This SITUATION…

Now you know you do not have to use {the life blood} of OUR FATHER FLAT EARTH, and that we should leave the Black Goo “alone” as all life is SENTIENT from Plants that talk and reason by their ways just as Insects from Butterflies to Ants to The Beatles [communicate] /_\ with their ways of INTELLIGENCE, and from any life’ be it Fowl to Fish from Reptile to Mammals we Human Animals can see “they” show pain when they are hurt, and they are playful when happy, and this applies too all life forms that can do MOVEMENT from Flowers and “Trees” too The Bumble and Honey Bees, and yet, with your ability as a Celestial Being, you would [rather] / * \ Kill and Stamp out all life by 2094 C.E. so you can Harm and Rape the earth.?.?.?, and take this {Black Blood} aka Black Water that is a Natural Part of this SENTIENT “World” we are all born into.?.?.?, and traverse from the Mountain Water Falls too the Deep Oceans in the Seas, and Lakes, and Rivers with your POLLUTION of Slave or Master “of and for” Stockades and Bondage in your STOCKS and BONDS?????

Have you [never] seen a Rainbow in the Sky.?.?.?, and see it is A Reflection of our Mother Heaven this DOME OF THE ROCK Celestial Sphere we are {all protected by} with her Rains, and Winds, and Gentle Summer Breeze from Fall to Winter too Spring??? Is it not our DUTY and “Virtues” too Protect All Life: rather then destroy all life cause SOME of us aka These MASONS wanted CORPORATIONS, and Man MADE LAWS that said: I am better then “you” cause I do WAR IS MURDER, I take people away from their “loved ones” and Lock Them up when Plants are life, and Drugs if they are real herbal “relations” too only allow we the humans of flesh, and blood, and bones to interlope with these Spirits and [Symbiots] /-\ and even the EYES that go SOLID BLACK.?.?.? Christ Jesus 1.0 said: You’m will cry and gnash your teeth when {you’m realize} what you have done where in the MUD FLOOD WARS you ripped open the Sky with your Trillion Watt 5G Death Lazers Cell Tower Machines, and you made Waste, and Waste, and Waste cause “you” became too shallow and NARCISSIST as You’d cherished TV SHOWS and Stuff over your fellow “Citizens” being all of we of and for mankind [be we] MALE and FEMALE with YOUR “Religions” and Indoctrination's…

Since you are in PURGATORY, you’m can still “change” your ways and leave here… However, you must no longer OBEY – COMPLY – SUBMIT too them and [those people] that seek to only do WAR IS MURDER for Weapons do not heal, they only harm, and you had the ability before the MUD FLOOD WARS, and even now so long “After” The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that ended ALL LIFE in 1855 too make {Clean Fuels} from Plant Based “OILS” for your Gasoline Cars and Jumbo Jets for Turbines only need to Spin the FAN [so much] for these Sky Ships of Old to fly from here to there, and yet, even now in 2020 C.E. during the (Conjuncture) of Pluto – Jupiter – Saturn, you still allow these PEOPLE whom live off of your TAXES TAXES TAXES to “tell you” what to do when you now know all These CORPORATIONS run your CAPITALIST INSTITUTIONS, and [They Live] will be the Damnation of all Nations in their NEVER ENDING WAR on Our Mother Heaven, and Our Father Earth, so Blend IN, Live and See my Wonders……., for Your common [Enemy] these MASON, and their CEO Rich and Famous “Lifestyles” shalt and Wilt` take it all from you…

Johnny Exodice


Had this madness and Lunacy [not happened] in the REAL WORLD, then we the people would have maintained our “Tartarian” WAYS of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition where there was No Need for a Rag Tag Rebellion in all U.N. FLAGS for all Nations and Countries and STATES would have arrested {All Masons} be they 10 years old to 99 and Said: Enough!!! You will no longer Drain the Black Blood Goo of our “Living” Breathing PLANET known as this Celestial Sphere 2 sided FLAT EARTH with an INNER EARTH that those whom [live off] of our TAXES and Religious Donations and Gifts are too be “accountable” to WE THE PEOPLE when they do High Treason – Butchery – Sedition…..., and break their OATH OF OFFICE to We The People whom EMPLOY our Governments as our “SERVANTS” and Paid Slaves to and for The Public Good, but do you my fellow citizen FEEL Emotionally GOOD knowing your {U.N. FLAGS} have damned us all to watch our HOME WORLD DIE cause they wanted to do [TV SHOWS] and Hollow Wood Movies: too Sell us Crap we do not need aka MERRY Christ Massacre.?.?.?

The Society of nonmason~

This world will die out in [2094 C.E.] from all the Machines that have taken all your jobs, and as YOUR GOVERNMENTS kill you {in secret} and turn you into “ALT MEAT” Products to hide their Crimes Against Humanity….., and their Treachery, you THE “nonmason” Populations of this world do nothing to these FREE MASON Lodge Members in your [Communities] whom are the cause of all this (COVID19) while they get the Jobs as Military and Police “Judges” and Doctors / Actors and Actresses while you keep seeing the PEOPLE are gone, but they did not die of (COVID19) They were just removed in SECRET: while you [sat at home] Twiddling your Thumbs playing {Video Games} letting JADE HELM 15 continue its evil wicked “Fake Jews” Hollywood Hunger Games…

The Sentinel…

REMEMBER, Remember, The 5th of December 2020 A.D. till the [end of days] in 2094 C.E. where on December 5th every year: we [remember] our nonmason humans: dead and killed; murdered and raped by these MASON Lodges in our home towns…


Johnny Exodice LIVES!!!


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