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Published on 24 Feb 2022 / In Firearms
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Host: Joel Persinger - The GunGuy
- Co-Founder & CEO of Practical Defense Systems
- NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
Video & Audio Production: Nick Persinger - The Camera Guy
About comments: Positive and negative comments are welcome. Please feel free. That said, I believe in being respectful of others, so "trolling" comments and comments that contain profanity or sexually explicit material will be deleted.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

You are UNDER Investigation…

I think the saddest thing for them that seek to do {WAR IS MURDER} [{**}] and brag about killing moms and dads, and their [children] too be called a WAR HERO in the Newspapers, Radio, Magazine, Internet (TV Screens) [{*}] is that people like you and I NON-MASON no longer believe their Lies Agreed Upon "about" WE LANDED ON THE MOON!!!!

Whomever, or Whatever Took over the {Minds of MASON} +=+ in their FREE MASON Lodges making the Demolay – Shriners – Eastern Stars – Jobs Daughters and Rainbow Girls of and for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 [YOUNG TRANNY SEX] Corporation internationalist (Rape Porn) Websites for all too find: actually' think` that THEY LIVE are still on the Real Earth our Dead Home World The Moon being that Awful Horror......., and Abomination of Desolation in the New Testament GOSPEL of Our God on Day 6 in the Old Testament GOSPEL as these Time Android Fake Jews of Hollywood USA USA USA From the Book of Revelation while WE ARE the Real Jews from the Book of Books mine non-mason…

It is evident that PLASTIC and Styrofoam DO NOT Decompose even in an Incinerator….

The Hello Fresh Plastic ICE {Slurry and Film} that will not Dehydrate in my Oven 5 days on........., and so many saying: Why are we sick, why are our children born "Mentally" Defective, and our Old go into [Dementia] never READ THE LABELS on their Soaps – Cosmetics – Clothing – Food Items, and Drinks just as there are INGREDIENTS, and Chemicals, and Medications in your (COVID-19) Death Vaccinations, there are Chemicals in your Food, and Soap, and Drink, and Baby to old People Clothing, and as Polyester is just a way to HIDE {in Plain Sight} that PLASTICS do not decompose, you have Medications in your Fast Food by the CORPORATIONS "of and for" The UNITED NATIONS Sustainable Development Goals of [Green] Washing in their MASON Suits and Ties and Skirts while BLACK HAIR (Nations) are not allowed to grow their own food from Day 6 in the Book of Genesis By Our God that is Your God!!!

These Flesh, and Blood, and Bones "People" whom poison WE THE PEOPLE day after day with their {SIDE EFFECT Pills} and Creams, and other Means: live off of` our' TAXES TAXES TAXES as our Employees, and Public Slave Servants, and yet the SLAVES call all the Shots, and we whom [employ] the LOCAL POLICE too be the World Police of U.N. Troops "Peacekeepers" in all Nations G4S Academi Allied Black Rock and Black Stone and Grey Scale Militant (Combatant) Uniforms breaking the TEN COMMANDMENTS of our God no less that is their God in the Book of Knowledge Point WEAPONS at you and me [non-mason] citizen only because we NON-MASON "Citizens" pay all the Taxes that put weapons on them to shoot you and me dead because the World is Run by {FREE MASON C.O.P.S.} in their Suits and Ties and Skirts of I MUST KILL YOU and your Mom, and Your Dad because we MASON Say Your FLAG is not this FLAG, and thence bang, and Boom, and explosion after "explosion" since the MUD FLOOD WARS in 1855, we non-mason remain dead and [murdered] by our Fellow Mankind because THEY LIVE are MASON Citizens, and WE ARE is only puny "Tax Paying" their Fellow Citizens called NON-MASON….

Thankfully, we are and they live is and are in PURGATORY, and the MOON is a Reflection of THE MEMORY called The What Was – What is – What Will Be in the Book of Revelation….

Though the MASON takes {Blood Oaths} too Hate Our God of (Day 7) in the Book of Knowledge my fellow non-mason citizens like Paul The Apostle was a Natural Born ROMAN Citizen, I will not kill and murder [MOMS and DADS] and their children so some MASON can say LOOK AT ME!!!!

I am a War Hero, and I kill, and I Murder, and I Rape Children, and their Moms and Dads too death because I can say: I did it' because` Their FLAG was not My Flag….


Murder is against The RULE OF LAW; theretofore, WAR is against the LAW of Our God that is your God, and the God [of them] that you killed, and raped, and murdered WAR HERO!!!

Ignorance of the LAW shalt and {wilt not} save you REPROBATE from Perdition come the end of these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME in 2094 CE.....

Would you like some (SALT) with those "Fries" the people youm burned alive WAR Hero in 1st Corinthians 13......

Christ Jesus Returned~ ♟

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