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The White "Aryan" Lie : Did the Ancients care about Race? *REUPLOAD

Hip Gnosis
Hip Gnosis - 184 Views
Published on 09 May 2021 / In Film and Animation

Just because someone is embarrassed doesn’t mean they’ve been harassed.
I want to make it VERY clear why I chose to speak about this channel and what I’m ACTUALLY saying since so many do not have the patience to finish the video.
I am not calling Bobby a racist and never did. I said his ideologies are racist. Let’s break this down.

Remember what we are arguing about, WHAT DOES ARYAN MEAN. According to Bobby, it refers to a race, a specific race at that, and this ideology is extremely similar if not the same as the Nazis ideology of “Aryan” during WW2. I am not painting with a broad brush trying to claim that he and all his followers are racist, but to suggest that this lie of history,(the concept that the Aryans were a white race of superior beings) is actually contributing to much of the racial divide that we still currently have. Many have called me a leftist, “Afrocentrist”, and or acting like CNN by trying to call people “racist”. This is not what’s happening and I never said that.

What you have to understand is the hijacking of alternative topics. These topics that we all enjoy exploring are beginning to be associated with Fascism and Racism, for instance, the recent Bloomberg article in which Tartaria is now conveniently being referred to as a QAnon conspiracy….

My intention is to make it very clear that this philosophy of ANY RACIAL superiority does not belong in this alternative community AT All. We’re all curious about our origins, however, Bobby promotes mainstream Evolution and the idea that all civilization and culture comes from the "Aryans" which in his definition means RACE which is in fact RACIST. Just listen to what Michael Tsarion has to say about this. This is just as big as the lie that FASCISM belongs to the right, This idea that the Ancients actually cared about Race. In Bobby’s ideology, Ancient societies were in a Racial Caste system, Where the Aryans were the “Gods”. If you listen to what Tsarion says on the matter, It was nothing of the sort, The ancients had a caste system based on NOBILITY and MERIT. How wise were you? How influential to society were you?
My whole intention was truly to debunk this and also expose some of the channels trying to take topics from the TARTARIA community and add their ideologies of RACISM, and MATERIALISM.

I really don’t care what he says, he could make a video calling me a tomato and saying that I’m just some stupid kid or ugly or something… Spread all the “Lies” that you want!!! It has nothing to do with Ego for me! Say what you want, but if you turn it around… He does care what people think when I speak my mind..., He doesn’t want people to think for themselves, “One of the favorite tools of both cults and corporations seeking to take embarrassing information off the Internet is to falsely claim violation of a copyright or trademark.”

Well, I have the right to critique others' work...

Before you try and decide to claim this video, Keep in mind I already have 4 examples of False Copyright Claims against you.
These will all be rejected in court because:
The material in question is not copyrighted, or the copyright has expired. It is therefore in the public domain and may be reproduced by anyone.
The complainant has provided no copyright registration information or other tangible evidence that the material in question is in fact copyrighted, and I have a good faith belief that it is not. The allegation of copyright violation is therefore in dispute, and at present unsupported.
The complainant does not hold the copyright to the material in question, is not the designated representative of the copyright holder, and therefore lacks standing to assert that my use of the material is a violation of any of the owner's rights.
My use of the material is legally protected because it falls within the "fair use" provision of the copyright regulations, as defined in 17 USC 107.
This video is transformative in that it adds new expression or meaning to the original content used. Our content is simply for entertainment purposes.
Critique of another person, persons opinion or persons work (regardless of how professional or unprofessional) is protected speech.
You can't file unlawful copyright claims for hurt feelings.
I used the least amount of their work as possible for our use.
Threats (such as DOXing someone) violates YTs term of service.

I had to take out some photos that help explain what I am talking about because we will be falsely copyright striked.
If you would like to see the original un-edited video to see full context watch here:
Please subscribe to our Website:

The man speaking in the video is Michael Tsarion, I am extremely grateful for his work MU wouldn't be what it is today without him. I highly recommend looking into his works.

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Netjer0 1 month ago

A great reupload. Lames need to hear it more than once. Fence sitting sheeple who never want to take a stand for freedom have a tendency to just follow the usurped narratives of their enemy. It is good to see someone with the balls to call out the so called woke mofos trying to make a hero out of a piece of shit like hitler. Racism is something (a demonic spirit) that people let possess them, but race is just an artifice. Using peoples physical appearance as a separator of people is very powerful, especially with sheeple. The good news is that one who stands for real justice is more powerful that a thousand inbred sheeple.

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