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The West, If not the World is dying, Do we have hope?

Dawn Road
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Published on 24 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

This video explores how we are seeing the end times come into place, especially with the Mark of the Beast. Nowadays all it takes to understand where we are heading  is CCTV, Social credit and the cashless society. However there is a way out of the spiritual tsunami coming to kill faith, do you want to know?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, Why do the many [reject] the Love of Christ Jesus 1.0 and they will not follow the NARROW PATH he so spoke of in the Gospels.?.?.? IF you cannot be HONEST about all matters from FLAT EARTH……., and our “Celestial Sphere” known in FREE MASON Code as PLANET EARTH…..., than you never loved Christ Jesus….., and your “life” has always been a lie…., and you are A LIAR… Think of it this way..., WAR IS MURDER.., and Murder is against the Rule of LAW and ORDER., and we know that makes {WAR illegal} [{**}] in any and all countries…….., but what do the QANON movement want??? They want [too serve] +=+ in the USA Military……..., so they Can build the Weapons that will “destroy” OUR FATHER EARTH, and OUR MOTHER HEAVEN, and in that they never loved me, and as Christ Jesus RETURNED, I can tell you all {the changes} [{*}] made to All the Biblical BOOKS OF BOOKS /_\ not just the Koran, and Talmud, and Jewish Bible, but all the books that were wrote [to cover up] / * \ the MUD FLOOD WARS…. However, the real reason these people (lie to themselves) and their children is because “THEY LIVE” know we are in PURGATORY, and these People be they MASONS or Not are [non-repentant] about the lifestyles that They have so lived where they went to all these so called “Christian” Churches when CHRIST is one body as taught by Paul The Apostle whom was Christ Jesus on the Run after we his true “followers” the Pineapple Bloodline got him off that cross, and later in life Christ Jesus 1.0 became Peter the Rock, had children, and I am but [one of them] /-\ of the Christ Bloodline, but even more important, not only was I chosen before BIRTH to be the {Host Body} of Christ Jesus RETURNED where I would, and I have explained all things in 1st Corinthians 13, but I was also given the Gift of the Holy Water Spirit called the “Holy Spirit” in the NEW TESTAMENT when I turned 18 years of age in 1983 A.D., and if you do not have this gift?????, you do not leave HELL as Purgatory has moved “beyond” the Purgatorial STAGES into the FINAL DAYS where Mother will turn against Children, and Children will turn against Father, and whom is our real MOTHER and our real FATHER on this 2 Sided FLAT EARTH inside this [MACHINE] called The Great Work of Purgatory???? Is it not the Land, and the Sea, and The Sky that we all come from.?.?.? And does anyone but me Christ Jesus RETURNED say: Flowers instead of FLAGS??? Moreover, what of (COVID-19) that is all this CORPORATE Capitalist Toxic Waste Sprayed into our Skies “by these” Contrail Planes, and the Toxic SLUDGE “Dumped” into our Oceans doing Mass Sea Life Kill off, and what of {The Land} that is filed with DEAD DIRT from all this WAR WAR WAR where our [fellow people] are made too STARVE and Live poor in Africa – Asia – The Middle East, South and Central America, and what of our FELLOW “CITIZENS” Sleeping on the Streets of this U.S. FLAG of the UNITED NATIONS {International Mafia} where we PAY for war with Our FORCED Slave LABOR TAXES and Religion Donations, and those whom say: YOU MUST MURDER for your God!!!! These people “never” knew me…., and they NEVER will’ for They still want to play [follow the leader] when all your leaders LIE, and then “these people” whom say they love me??? They know THE WAY out of PURGATORY??? If you can not be HONEST, you do not leave Purgatory…….., and this Celestial Sphere we are all “born into” is now becoming HELL, and does anyone but me say: They are spraying DEADLY [Chemicals] in the Skies, and one day it will not just kill all life on this side of FLAT EARTH, it will set {The Sky} on Fire just as the Book of REVELATION does reveal……..., and it will not be God or Jesus whom is destroying you and all life, it will be YOU THE PEOPLE whom “wanted” and had to have what you watched on these TV SCREENS of Things……., and be like the Actors and “Actresses” whom are all Incubus and Succubus as their EYES do strange things, and they do go SOLID BLACK, and yet, even these SOLIDS are more repentant than anyone whom “attends” any RELIGION with their NON-SOLID EYES for still the many want to blame God for Creating them???????, and so watch these “Christians” kill and murder other Christians cause they use LABELS rather then love, and they will remain here in PURGATORY [forever and ever] doing the De-Ja-Vu Dance, and Minuet of this ORABORUS Curse for all time, so do not be like them, come home with me, and follow the NARROW PATH of The Gospel that is to NEVER Lie “about” what you are, where you are, and whom we are: For we are the true children of the Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction… The Book of EXODICE!!!


It does not matter the NAME of these many “Churches” for they JOINED the U.N. Military EMPIRE to do WAR IS MURDER when MURDER is [against] the Supreme Courts of all U.N. FLAGS, and these Preachers be they CATHOLIC POPES to Muslim Imam to Hindu “Jewish” Buddhist still say: WE MUST KILL in the name of such and such and such.?.?.?.?.?, and even you my Romantic Warrior know WE ONLY MURDER to protect {our right} too exist……., not so we can make more, and more, and more WEAPONS to harm (one another) when Christ Jesus never PREACHED War, he said: do what I once showed you in MATHEW 5, but do these [CHRISTIANS] follow the Teachings of Christ Jesus in the Holy Bible, or do they put their “faith” and trust in CAPITALISM, and Stocks and Bonds, and FLAGS for War??? It is evident that [these people] no matter their RELIGION will never come home to Our Human God, for they seek to fight, and hit, and yell, and scream like their “TV Shows” of Democrats and Republicans in the USA, but no matter how much MONEY you pay to any RELIGION the Elders of your Churches “still” Approve of Your GOVERNMENTS MILITARY to do WAR IS MURDER on WE THE PEOPLE…

The Sentinel…

Just know FEMA now runs {all Religions} in the USA – Canada – Australia – The U.K. and the E.U. and you would do well [too know] in WW1 and WW2 more BLUE EYED PEOPLE Died in their WARS then any BROWN EYED PEOPLE….., and now JADE HELM 15 known as Agenda 21 in the years of 2021 to 2025 will kill off WE ARE “the remaining” BLUE EYED PEOPLE in all the above mentioned U.N. FLAGS Countries…

The Society of nonmason~

If you do not have The Holy Water Spirit……., you can not RESIST [the Sorcery] of these TV SCREENS that say: Be like me……., and do {approve of murdering} your FELLOW HUMANS as we go into the HELL and HADES Stage of the World of The Dead from the “Old Testament” and New Testament Biblical…

Johnny Exodice LIVES!!!


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