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THE WASH ...DAILY with Joey SLLiks CANNABIS NEWS REPORT Schoomah may like weed but is still a creep

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Published on 06 May 2021 / In News and Politics


John Boener says he loves weed
Schoomah might like weed, but he's still a creep
THE government needs 500k as a down payment to establish a "seed bank", in latest scam

Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner Says He’s Open To Using Marijuana

a new behind-the-scenes book that he released on Tuesday and in an interview with CBS, Boehner briefly discussed his own recreational drug preferences. He told the news station that “I drink red wine” but “if somebody wants to smoke a joint or eat a gummy, that’s really none of my business.”
The former congressional leader isn’t a marijuana consumer, however, despite joining the board of the major cannabis company Acreage Holdings in 2018. That move drew sharp criticism from reform advocates who quickly pointed out that Boehner declined to push for any sort of policy change while in power but is now profiting off the industry.



Schumer Says Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill Will Hit Senate Floor ‘Soon’

He went on to say that, prior to coming out in support of
legalization, he “studied it carefully.” And despite claims from
prohibitionists that enacting the policy change would lead to increase
crime, substance misuse and mental illness, “none of that happened in
the states that legalized.”

The senator’s home state of [New York recently enacted a new marijuana legalization law](

Late last month, Schumer said he’ll be [introducing his federal cannabis legalization bill “shortly.”](

He, Wyden and Booker formally started their reform efforts by holding
a meeting earlier this year with representatives from a variety of
advocacy groups to [gain feedback on the best approach to the reform](



$500k is ‘down payment’ to re-establish U.S. hemp seed bank

The germplasm repository will enable researchers to identify
pest-resistant and disease-resistant genes, and the chance to breed new
hemp varieties, said Larry Smart, a horticulture professor in Cornell’s
School of Integrative Plant Science.

## Curated collection

will maintain the seeds and collaborate with Cornell scientists at the
repository, where they already partner on research into grape, apple,
cherry, tomato and Brassica crops. Researchers have already started
collecting hemp germplasm for the project.

ARS funding for the
seed bank, officially the “Industrial Hemp Germplasm Repository,” is a
first step in re-establishing a national public industrial hemp seed
bank overseen by a curator charged with characterizing, maintaining and
distributing seeds, according to a press release from U.S. Sen Charles
Schumer, who announced the grant.

## 5-year timeline

Smart, a plant pathology professor, said the seed bank will benefit
hemp growers all across the nation by maintaining genetic resources that
will let them develop hemp varieties adaptable to different conditions.
She said cultivars developed at Cornell could be ready for growers
within five years.


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