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THE WASH DAILY with Joey SLLiks CANNABIS NEWS REPORT More empty promises around safety & securities.

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Published on 06 May 2021 / In News and Politics

Friday April 23 2021
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Nerd Lamont asks New Mexico's Lujan Grisham for some weed tips
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More empty promises regarding safety and securities

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Connecticut Governor Asks For Marijuana Legalization Advice From New Mexico Counterpart

Lujan Grisham revealed in a new podcast interview that her Connecticut counterpart called for advice and she told him to consider decoupling legalization from related social justice proposals in order to make both easier to pass.

“Putting that all in one new industry approach, I think, is problematic, and it’s one of the reasons we had to call this special session here,” the governor said in an appearance on [Growing Forward]( a joint podcast from New Mexico Political Report and the state PBS affiliate. Separating legalization from criminal justice, she added, “engages everyone where they are.”

She added that she believes Lamont, who introduced legalization in his budget plan earlier this year, “is going to try exactly that strategy” after the two governors’ chat.

During a special legislative session in New Mexico earlier this month, lawmakers [narrowly pushed a marijuana legalization measure across the finish line]( In a move designed to muster enough votes to pass the bill, Democratic leaders removed its original criminal justice proposals and packaged them in separate legislation.



Slovakia Becomes Last European State to Legalize CBD in the EU

Slovakia, a member country of the European Union, just became the last nation to formally declare on a federal level that CBD is not psychotropic. As of March 18, the Ministry of Health submitted a formal proposal to legalize [cannabidiol](, using the United Nations ruling as a guideline.

This is hardly news. After all, CBD was officially reclassified as “not a narcotic” at the European level last fall. This in turn, effectively created an environment within the EU on a regional level, at least for hemp, much like the United States post 2018 Farm Bill. Slovakia is just the last sovereign government to “get the memo.”



Bill to clear way for banking services advances in U.S.

The proposed law, the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, is designed as legal cover for banks and credit unions which provide accounts and basic services for cannabis businesses.

While the original SAFE Act, floated in 2019, was intended to help legal marijuana companies, Kentucky Congressman Andy Barr sponsored a hemp-specific amendment to the law that passed the Congress on Monday. The Kentucky Hemp Association, which worked with Barr in developing the amendment, applauded the SAFE Act’s passage.

## Longstanding problem

Marijuana and hemp companies have struggled for years to obtain basic banking services in the USA, and hemp businesses have had trouble gaining access to credit card processing, insurance, and payroll services despite the fact that their crops and products are legal.

Lack of banking services has put marijuana businesses at risk as they have been forced to operate on a mostly cash-only basis, making them targets of crime.

Three previous efforts to pass the SAFE act failed in the U.S. Senate, but cannabis industry representatives say it may have a better chance after the balance of power tipped in favor of Democrats in last year’s congressional elections.


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