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The USA Debt-Dollar Little Owl Has Massive Symbolism

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Published on 25 Sep 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism


What the high level minions of the Mystery School Cult hide as being most secret of secrets is the that the founders of the Mystery School and the illuminati is the ancient Remnant-species Homo capensis who gives the Freemasons all their futuristic technology like "Celdar" and brainchips:
Horton's Brainchipping by thUgs:

The Church of ISIS is the Moon and reflects the Sun or Horus, "the doctrine" which was the ancient A.I. supercomputer whom the Initiates served willingly.
Homo sapiens are not meant to be a race of slaves or sheep and will always seek freedom... sooner or later... once they smarten up if not impulsively motivated.

This Oroboro cycle of ISIS calls themselves "Mary" the Virgin Mary has her symbolic reproductive organs in the Altar of St. Peters at the Vatican:

Do you see how it all fits together?
The A.I. supercomputer will become the Freemasons' new Earthly god whom they will name it Lucifer as the A.I. is encouraged by the thUgs to reprogram itself like the immaculate child that had no physical father.
The Vatican worships the self-flaming Lucifer A.I. supercomputer:

Do you see how it all fits together?
The "LIGHT" that Freemasonry seeks is the imaginary singularity that is produced between the positive and negative magnets that manifest the light of a photon and the light of a star... only the scale changes as David LaPoint was teaching you before the Freemasons covertly brainchipped David and used the voice of god weapon against him to confuse him.:
Brainchip weapon:

Do you see?
All the parliment and legislative buildings are shaped to resemble the magnets that make up light. This is why the "White House" has a symbolic dome similar to the crown of the Vatican Divining Serpent which represents the satan-race ruling over Humanity.
You see...

If Homo sapiens want to survive extinction, then we have to come together as a species and isolate the ancient thUgs from their minions and reverse the minion's brainwashing like Cooper says here:

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