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The Tiger Baby - Mixing Human and Animal

Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev - 499 Views
Published on 23 Mar 2021 / In Science
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EyeQ168 2 months ago

... Horrifying. The eyes are pits of despair.

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honeybee2 2 months ago

nwo such rotten pieces of you know what. I think this has been going on for years. I feel so sorry for these babies, and the babies mixed with machines and animals mixed with machines, let alone animal testing & the weird crap nwo does there. I am ready for God Almighty to come back so that these innocents no longer have this crap thrust on them. How strange they must feel - their lives must be surreal. I sob sometimes thinking of this - it is so rotten. During WWII, mengele experimented on Jewish children and I could not watch the videos out there - it was so heinous and revolting. Crank all that experimentation up by 1 million percent with steroids and that is what they are doing, now. May God bless all these innocents. Please, God Almighty, rapture us now!

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