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The story behind the arrest of Konnech CEO Eugene YU

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Published on 12 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

The CEO of a Michigan election software firm was arrested on Oct 4th on suspicion of storing poll worker data in China. New York Times ran an article titled “How a Tiny Elections Company became a Conspiracy Theory Target" and defended Eugene Yu, the founder/CEO of Konnech. The Times article claimed that election deniers pushed Konnech to the center of unfounded voter fraud claims. Who is Eugene Yu? Is Konnech related to the Chinese government? Should we be concerned with US election data in China?
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hard-drive 3 months ago

dalai lama was busted between hitler and stalin so then he was hiding behind bronfman and epstein, sea org and nxivm for diverting attention about gestapo and collabo

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