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The Silent War Ep. 6068: Fauci blames unvaxxed for vax GENOCIDE, Trump - "We have to Fight."

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Published on 27 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

In this episode of The Silent War, Fauci and the establishment, with a formal criminal referral of his own pending with the DOJ, are desperate to evade liability and culpability for the mass murder they've unleashed worldwide in collusion with China and the Biden Administration using unproven, unsafe, untested, and universally harmful vaccines which are creating the very variants they are now seeking to project the blame for onto the UN-vaxxed. In an epic show of mental gymnastics and breaking with everything we know from 70+ years of established medical science, Fauci completely ignores herd immunity and natural immunity to push the idea that only by taking an ineffective (he admits breakthrough infections occur, merely blaming them on THE UNVACCINATED!) medical experiment are you safe from being a deadly threat to your neighbor.

Meanwhile, President Trump says “When They Steal it From You and Rig It, We Have to Fight – We Have No Choice”

and in France, they already are - as protests spring up against across France (and the world) against the forced mandates of these medical experiments.

What in the world are they doing to us? And what is their ultimate agenda?

All of this, and much more.

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marialeroux 2 months ago

Trump "We have to fight". Remember he's the one who introduce the vaccine in USA...

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Bruce Perry
Bruce Perry 2 months ago

How many Facuis are there.

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