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The Sean Morgan Report - We Are Winning A Conversation with Jim Cutler

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Published on 20 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

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Chloe2021 4 months ago

It is troubling that with all these people dying and side effects from the vaccines That Trump would say go get it

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ChloPritchard 4 months ago

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

The Drone Populations and THEIR Handlers

Had I not seen it with mine own eyes, I would have said it is impossible to use just the TV Screens to RAPTURE the populations into submission and submissiveness…. Now I have traveled from here to there since the JADE HELM 15 became COVID-19 where U.N. Troops would and have replaced all police in all U.N. FLAGS, and even these 50 National Individual Countries of the USA, and even though these 50 STATES are not Member States of the UNITED NATIONS {NEWS} World Order, we the people, and our POLICE must bow down to FREE MASON Corporation C.O.P.S. like {G4S] that are allowed legally to dawn the UNIFORM CREST of any State Flag, and put their U.S. FLAG of their U.N. Troops PEACEKEEPER Word Police: on our local Police, and Military Personal Uniform COSTUMES from the Coast Guard too the National Guard there is NO STATES FLAGS on our Military Militia, just the FALSE FLAG known as the {U.S. WAR FLAG} that flies on Every McDonald's “Golden Arches” of Oppression and Subjugation…

It should go without saying that YOUM Dance at Rock and Roll Concerts, and though me and my COMPANION did, the crowd that came to the ELO Concert in Jacksonville FLORIDA USA showed up only an hour at best before the PRODUCTION was to begin, and they Rented Rooms here at THE OMNI International Hotel: that I Write this writ… My Sister says that the people at the concert are all broken, and that may be so, but me thinks they FLEW IN or Drove in at the Last Minuet: RENTED rooms at $170.00 per room, and then after the concert where no one stood up too dance even when Jeff Lynn of ELO said you could if you wanted, THEY LIVE did not… It is apparent that the many are The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and even though CONVERSATION with these people is pleasant, they do not rebel, nor will they ever REVOLT for they are Lock In with LOCK STEP, so I must consider their Children are no better off as we my Rag Tag Rebellion will have to just BLEND IN even with all our Knowledge that EVERY Police Officer is an OATH BREAKER to their Oath of Office just as are all {World Leaders} and their Fake Space Agenda 21 + 30…

Now I am a MUD FLOOD Investigator, and Researcher like JON LEVI, and FLAT EARTH BRITISH, and I did drive around this city of TALL Buildings too see what I might find, and we did find a Location of Old 1800’s buildings with BARS on the Windows, and all the ENTRANCES Boarded up, and I did make a Video that I Will release once I am well beyond this Dead City: as there is no LOCAL POPULATION here any more… Whatever has been done, it has removed (FREE WILL) from the many whom are now Docile in Nature, and no threat to the EDISON A.I., and as I made this Documentation of that Location a TRUCK of some FREE MASON Pulled Up, and Parked behind the vehicle we were driving in, and began to write down the License Plate, and as I walked toward him shouting loud that I AM a Natural Born [U.S. Citizen] and I did not have to Pay for this Birthright, I did not point my CAMERA at him cause I wanted whatever I could capture to share once outta here, but when he began to DRIVE OFF, I did point the Camera at his Truck, and it is good too know all MASON are COMPARTMENTALIZED, but they do keep what ever POPULATION “remains” in Check, and these ZEBRAS as we nonmason call the White Vehicles with Black Windows are more PREDOMINANT in murdered populations LOCATIONS throughout America, and I am sure it is the same expiry situation in any U.N. FLAG after Depopulation…

Now of course I left the location and hid the car in the Lower Deck of the Staff Entrance too make sure no other WATCHERS were reporting our Vehicle’ now that the Local Police must bow down to the 21st Century FEDERAL Police Act that made all Police in our {50 Countries} too our Counties, and Cities SERVANTS to the HOMELAND SECURITY FEMA DEATH CAMPS of Agenda 2030… That spoken, I am grateful for we whom still have the ability to enact OUR FREE WILL because of the Holy Water Spirit, and since we must watch this World “Self Destruct” for PURGATORY is only a Memory, do hold onto every Written Work by the Great Teacher, and share them with your children in SECRET at our Flat Earth Magical Academies of [OFFLINE] Gaming STUDY Rooms, and make your own observations for it is evident that ELO was not the only band Tricked and Treated into never leaving Hell and Hades, and all them now whom surround us as The Walking Dead in mind, soul, and body… My nerve damage is becoming PROBLEMATIC, so these Written Works might become less often, so I do not lose the ability to use my hands and arms, and cell phones cause GREATEST Damage too my Medical Condition…

Johnny Exodice

The Machine People do not seem too care` even so……., if you find someplace youm want to do your MUD FLOOD RESEARCH, you should have “look outs” as the Homeless can be used as Spies for these {G4S] U.N. Troops that have [woven themselves] QBALLS~ /_\ into every POLICE Department, and all U.N. Military from MADE IN CHINA to name your U.N. Troops where you see the COVAXXED does inject something into the MANY that makes them more docile and domesticated, and with people {such as this} [{**}] there will be NO RESISTANCE to A.I. that is fully operational, and will continue to print out Dictates, but with ELO and Jeff, I can say: Your TV Show World Leaders are still human and real…..., but all will eventually be replaced by {C.G.I.} talking heads as your Children's Cartoons: are the Future way things will become` because if YOU OWN THE MINDS of the little ones, they grow up to be REPLACEMENT POPULATIONS without the need for Loguns Run INCUBATOR BABIES…

The Society of nonmason~

NOTHING will get better… This is “Their” RAPTURE they all prayed for, and now that TV is the GOD of all People, and Populations, and Persons, you do get what you pray for… Christ Jesus Returned…

The Sentinel…

Ω † ∞ π Σ

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