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The rise of Oculus

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 51 Views
Published on 04 Apr 2021 / In Pets and Animals

A lot has changed in the five years between the launch of the Oculus Rift and the self-contained Oculus Quest 2. We compare our first demos in 2013 to what Facebook’s VR looks like now. Let's time travel and see how we got here, as well as where we might be going.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

For all the information I have shared, and if only all so called Truth Movements would just push FLAT EARTH as one force, there would be a MENTAL Shift in this reality...

However, it seems people want to only hold a few items, write some books, and continue the CAPITALIST way of THE CORPORATION RULES this world... That spoken, as the spirits guide me as the Oracle for the End of this Age’ we will [begin too see] QBALLS~ /_\ that even though the FREE MASON are the Slave Populations where “signage” of these Walking Dead with NO HANDS and NO FEET,

and the head of the body dismembered, Purgatory is but a (MEMORY) of how we all got trapped in this never ending DE-Ja-VU Oraborus Curse, and though the {only way out} is the NARROW PATH of Honesty,

so many whom say God or Jesus and even Mohammad: actually mean [Hail S.A.T.A.N.] where clear eyes like mine have their Pupils turn into “Triangles” and Squares with no SOLID BLACK EYES at all, and THEY LIVE have not the Crystal Haze of grey on their eyes are now (covering) their PUPILS called Black Dot Eyes, in the USA last count {we the people} were and had been getting 70 Hypodermic “Injections” of the #COVAXXED by age 18 in 2021 C.E., and what ever they are actually piercing the Skin of our Dermatology known as these LIES AGREED UPON of Potions of Pharmacology:

by all these FREE MASON [in positions] +=+ of Town Elders, and the TOWNS Social Clicks for COVID-19 that is actually JADE HELM 15 continuing operations of [REX 84] for Agenda 21 + 30 of the U.N. {NEWS} World Order military militant MEDICATED (Zionist) Jesuit Media Empire,

we whom are actually “aware” that EVERY THING here is a Lie Agreed Upon: must continue to NAVIGATE the Seasons of the Sea of Life called PAPAL Admiralty Maritime Legalese till we are dead, and our children are dead where their children under VR Holographix (Goggles) may have some of us make it to 2094 C.E. too get the {BOOK OF EXODICE} into the Minds of the People whom do so too descend from us as our MUD FLOOD Replacement Populations...

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition...

The Society of nonmason~


NEVER FORGET the World Leaders form these CORPORATION CEO’s of {G4S] to your State Flag Military and “Police” are your Governed EMPLOYEES…….,

and they are breaking their {OATH OF OFFICE} by not telling the Truth in a Court of LAW or Public Position of [High Influence] [{**}] doing Malfeasance as OATH BREAKERS, and that up too 2/3rd of your (local) population are with these FREE MASON Lodges,

and the Synagogue of S.A.T.A.N. from the Book of Revelation are all these Hollywood FAKE JEWS called FREE MASON {Jesuit Zionist} ROMAN CATHOLICS of their U.N. Troops, and their coming Fake Alien Take Over of this side of the FLAT EARTH by way of PROJECT BLUE BEAM....

Beware of the “ZEBRAS” them White Vehicles with Black Windows...


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