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The Right To Travel (God’s Law vs. Mans Law) Part 3 - Episode 10

Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan - 130 Views
Published on 17 Oct 2021 / In Spiritual

Sean Morgan and Barry Durmaz complete this series on the Right to Travel in Part 3. Learn how Barry cross-examined a deputy Sheriff to demonstrate how freedom of bodily locomotion on the public roads is a good work to be protected, not punished.

The other 6 days a week, Sean Morgan hosts shows about defeating America's enemies through civic solutions. On Sundays, he interviews author Barry H. Durmaz about Christ's Kingdom government principles for spiritual solutions to America's problems.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

All is Spirit..

To know GOD you must first know the Word God means [The Spirits] Qballs~ /_\ where in the Beginning The Spirits said……., let us make them in OUR Image being Male and Female…

Now these Males and Females did not just turn out to be Mankind being Male and Female, but all life that is real life has A Male and A Female from the Womb of your Mother to the Sperm of your Father even you INVETRO Laboratory Made CRISPER Designer Babies called “Futurist” Machine People the Fake Jews of Hollywood USA from the Book of Revelation, and Your UNITED NATIONS World Police of Peacekeepers in all Nations Military and all people’s U.N. FLAGS {Local Police Departments} +=+ on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere……..., and though MEN or as we have learned Witches being “Wombmen” whom removed their Wombs at 3 years old to have a Male Organs (Tattooed) into them aka SEWING of the Flesh by Another is the real reason the OLD TESTAMENT Jewish Bible said, you do not (Swap the Sex) [{**}} of a Child so Witches can become Warlocks of these Churches of SATAN being these FREE MASON lodges in our home towns, so Wombmen PARADING as Males can do WAR IS MURDER when Thou shalt not Murder is the Whole of the LAW!!!!

Today is the 17th of October in the year 2021 Ad or CE if you like of the Lord aka Spirits, and I do not see these Thelema Wicca ROMAN Capitalist [Corporate Citizens] [{**}} making the SHIBA INU go to .005 nor .01 and this means the “O.T.O.” Jesuit Zionist Kabbalah Zohar are the Fake Jews of Hollywood USA from the Book of Revelation, and THEY LIVE can offer no Riches, nor Wealth to any man be you MALE or FEMALE for Worshiping Lucifer the {Light Bearer} and SATAN of all these FREE MASON Lodge Members CORPORATIONS in our home towns in all U.N. FLAGS as U.N. Troops wearing our Local Police Uniforms for Agenda 21 of Agenda 2030….

However, since we know “The Spirits” are the True definition of the Word God, or Gods and Goddesses, or Angels and Demons, or even [so called] /-\ Kings and Queens in this Material Plane, and the Book of AMOS says that God {Melted the Mountains} into Carmelo where the Dragon another word for God is “the Spirits” in the Form of a Weather Jet Stream, and I say that God aka The Spirits are The DRAGON the size of Weather Patterns, and the Ocean Currents that actually “melted” the Citizens of Babylon into these (Melted Mountains) of the once great Tartarian Byzantine ROMAN EMPIRE of Mountain Cities, and Flying STAR FORTS of Dreadnought Class Sky Ship just as The FORD Class Colossus (U.S. Space Force) Navy Ships in the Oceans on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere with INNER EARTH, and the Other Side of the world come “at a price” too high to pay, so you can have this MARK OF THE BEAST [injected] [{*}} into your flesh, and blood, and bones known as the original Greek Meaning of this Word “Pharmacology” with all its Magick Potions of TV Adds saying: if you take this Pill it will HARM YOU….

Everyone on TV is a FREE MASON Lodge Member, and that is why all “TV Shows” are about them be they Rich or Poor, and what they want…. Yet, they lie about “everything” because THEY LIVE have offended The Spirits, and these “Liars” will be punished as The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken for ripping open the Heavens trying to Neutralize and {Murder a Dragon} flying high in our Celestial Sphere DOME OF THE ROCK, and now you know Dragons are Real, but they are only of the “Spirit Realm” being those places you go whilst you dream and sleep, and if you offend GOD and break his / her 10 commandments in the OLD TESTAMENT of Respect Your Mother Heaven, and Your Father Earth that “thy days” may go well here in Purgatory, then you are the one whom dammed yourself following these {Warlocks and Witches} +=+ of Sorcery and misinformation of Hollywood USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! Media in your home towns in all U.N. FLAGS on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere….

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy….

The Society of non-mason Whom {WE ARE} the real JEWS from the Book of Revelation in these Days of Noah once more till the END OF TIME in 2094 CE, and we will not “take” the Mark of the Beast Injections from the BOOK OF REVELATION…….., nor the Merck “Pill Form” Medications of them whom Reject the Spirits being (Our Human God) of all Books that teach Truth, Wonder, and Salvation!!!!

Christ Jesus Returned...


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