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The Reversing Magnetic Field of Planet Earth (Cult-Manufactured, Polar-flip Fright of 2018 Seems to Have Subsided)

JamesRoss - 384 Views
Published on 18 Jan 2022 / In Travel and Events

The coverphoto shows the yearly movement of magnetic north slowing down for many years now... two or three years ago the projections showed it increasing movement... wtf they updated the plot data? Hard to trust anything in masonic-government hands. Root out the thUgs in authoritative positions and replace the criminals telling you what they have planned for the non-Cult people.

This Fright-Site: has cooled off. Another Freemason trying to psychologically herd the sheep with scare tactics.

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

What this video disregards is the "intermediate Axis Effect" look it up or look at my post:

Freemasonic thUgs like to get into positions of authorities like police, politicians and military officers, medical doctors... education, university directors and department heads... not given those positions based upon skill or ability but Freemasons are sneaked into such positions by other Freemasons with maybe more ability and skill... but they are all brotherhoodwinkers and usually have nothing to offer besides their bullshit. But when they fck-up they all just laugh at the sheeple who can't organized together enough to kick out the government parasites nor identify the pathetic Cult ripping them off.

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