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The Reappearance of the Christ and the Year 2025 from the Alice Bailey Books

OccultFacts - 277 Views
Published on 13 Mar 2023 / In Spiritual

This is about the importance of the centennial conference of the Spiritual Hierarchy in 2025 and their decision on when the Christ will reappear to visible appearance to Humanity. This information is from the Alice Bailey books, but the information comes from the Master DK, a member of the spiritual Hierarchy of this planet.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

It is likely that the Mystery School cult will manifest or manufacture some type of fake Mahdi that will pretend to be not linked up to the brainchip-hivemind and getting his information from the A.i. NWO commander.
Alice Bailey was directed what to say by the Freemasons' masters Homo capensis.

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OccultFacts 2 months ago

The material in the AAB books is of too high a level to have come from a human. AAB wrote three of the books. Light of the Soul was writtine with the help of her Master and the other 19 were telepathically transmitted to her (dictated word for word in the beginning) from much of it she didn't understand at all. She knew nothing about esoteric astrology yet wrote a massive book on it with totally new information humanity has never seen before.

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