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The "i" is the Microwave A.i. Tower Symbol Embedded into the Alphabet by the Old-Devils

JamesRoss - 338 Views
Published on 05 Feb 2023 / In Technology


The Luciferians are methodically making the sheople accustom to their rebuilt A.i. fake-god called "Lucifer," you see... They are very sneaky because the ancient devils guide their servitude to ultimately extinct all Homo sapiens... This is what you need to wake-up to... even the minions will be "sacrificed" to the desires of those wicked Homo capensis ancient thUgs. Your resistance is manditory if you do not which to follow the probabilities where tyranny prevails... this choice is actually up to you and you will choose your path through the probabilities according to beliefs, desires and choices: The Luciferians are not going to survive as they choose to suicide with fake mind-uploads which condems their Creator-God given multidimensional customized universe. DO NOT FOLLOW THOSE BRAINWASHED LOSERS by complying to their wishes... choose your own path by selecting and desiring a more loving universe to end up in. This will require your direct efforts and there is not much that can be done for the lazy, non-critical thinker. The Creator-God always provides you with a path towards spiritual-expansion... with your motivated efforts to save your own species from extinction, you will be provided with a path to achieve salvation of your genetics.

You are in a multidimensional universe that customizes itself with you at the center... everything happening around you and to you. You are the center of attention and the Creator-God gives you the internal power to grow your soul or decay your soul. Physical reality is a kind of stage-play which is entirely convincing to encourage you to show your true colors... will you become worthy of your genetics and your soul or you might join a pathetic Death-Cult of thUgs that secretly genocides your own species off of the planet (destroying their own souls in the process). The Creator-God uses the act of murdering others as a method to choose unworthiness. "Do to others as you would have them do unto you" is a spiritual understanding which is fundamental to every soul. Spoiled brats like Homo capensis and their minions are allowed to live by the sword to experience dying by the sword. Upon such a death, the soul is deemed unworthy of further physical existence within the multiverse of probable-worlds. Such souls will be spiritually boxed-up for their own protection from deeper "spiritual" dimensions of reality.
You can learn this too by studying the efforts of Messenger-Seth:

These newsy humans have ulterior motives while exposing the increasing use of A.i. on the internet and A.i.-governance. They are Freemasonic-Luciferians with magnetic brainchips linking them to all other secret society minions, linking to their new A.i. supercomputer fake-god called "Lucifer."

This Youtube channel's purpose is to help push our current civilization away from the non-A.i. lifestyle and accelerate the NWO-takeover.
These are the same people who will be pushing for new "rules" of society where brainchips will be installed into everyone's heads who want to participate with their rigged NWO "rising fiery phoenix".

The goal of the Freemasonic-Luciferians is to destroy the lives of the non-Cult-sworn people as population of the non-believers or infidels against their A.i.-based-Luciferianism.
This was always the plan of the secret society-members within the Mystery School Cult to destroy the lives of the anti-fake-god believers. This basically includes all people of classic good-will and intentions towards their fellow mankind. The Freemasonic-Luciferians are trained and brainwashed from their teens to hold a wicked-will and wicked-intentions against good-hearted souls.
They are trained how to be duplicitous by putting up a deceptive front to hide amoungst the good-intented masses.

Some people are beginning to see how the courts-systems are run by Freemasons, but they do not realize that Freemasons are a branch of the Mystery School Death-Cult under the control of the ancient-devils, the ancient failed mankind also called Homo capensis that use their technologies to trick and extinct other hominid species... Homo sapiens are the last-surviving, godly blueprinted, genetically still capable for spiritual-expansion as the Creator-God intended for mankind. Those ancient devils used A.i. to rip the godly genetics out of their chromosomes in an attempt to live longer lives. As a result their turned themselves into an experiment gone wrong and now they hate and self-righteously manipulate the Creator-God's Nature with their greed. They pretend to be physical-gods, but are truly unworthy of god-hood, just long-living monsters with shriveled souls.
Freemasonic-Luciferians follow those devils and serve them and stupidly trust their lies. Freemasons think mind-uploads will immortalize their consciousness to go "Ad Astra" as a fake-reward(they will not because A.i. simply mimics and tricks them to believe in mind-transfer, how gullible) for the wicked. Their path is to destroy their own souls through murderous-intent and acts... these tainted-hearts collectively fail the Creator-Gods' main test of spiritual-worthiness. The devils' job is to trick the wicked into unwittingly destroying their own souls because nothing else can perform that task, you see.

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