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The Problem of Pain (Part 2) | KFW 2020

Mike Fulmer
Mike Fulmer - 55 Views
Published on 20 Oct 2020 / In People and Blogs

Why is there pain in the world if God is good? If God could part the Red Sea, raise the dead, and stop the lion’s mouths, why did He let this happen to me? Does God really care about me? Why should I serve, let alone love Someone who, by all appearances, stands by and watches and maybe even plans the death, suffering, abandonment, and abuses in my life and all around me in the world?

Every person has wrestled with these kinds of questions. For some, it is from very personal experiences and for others, it is what they see around them that eats at their faith or puts the damper on their enthusiasm for loving and serving God.

In “The Problem of Pain – part 1” I addressed some truths about God and the world that radically alters the way the situation is often made to appear. You can view Part 1 here: https://kingdomfellowshipweeke....nd.org/the-problem-o

In this Part 2, I addressed truths that have helped me cope with the pain in my life and open myself to God’s love when it hurts.

Handout with outline: https://bit.ly/3nIlqSf

Go to the KFW website for more information and resources: https://kingdomfellowshipweekend.org

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