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The Post Office is Spying on Us! Ep. 7.434

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski - 48 Views
Published on 07 May 2021 / In News and Politics

The Post Office is Spying on Us! Ep. 7.434

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Mind Space aka The MIND CRAFT of Cognition in Space being the Grey Matter in the Grey Zone of your perception of this reality…

The House of Griffin aka Christ Jesus Returned...

It is one thing too look at life as LOGANS RUN; as far as, all these PRE MUD FLOOD Buildings that are many still standing in our POST MUD FLOOD Realm......., and that abandoned [buildings] QBALLS~ /_\ where the {Paint is falling off} the doors and lockers as in the JAMES The impossible Channel on U-tube allows WE THE PEOPLE whom are the Descendants of WORLD WAR ZERO as the INCUBATOR BABIES from 1893 A.D. too see these (ACTORS) on the TV, and Religions of the Political POLICING of our world know many things…….., but do they know what we {all now know} +=+ that those buildings with cracking paint still standing are Thousands of Years old.?.?.?

THEY LIVE may know many things “compared” too WE ARE……..., but this World is under A SORCERY, and The RAPTURE of evil men and wombmen whom made the EDISON A.I. in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA in those UNDER GROUND {D.U.M.B.S.} under that City….

It has been shown that TIME TRAVEL can only happen in (A Curse) [{**}] where We were disconnected from the {Spiral of Life} in the REAL WORLD….., and since we know: The Great Work of Purgatory is but a MEMORY of what happened to the Real Celestial Sphere…..., then this place can be nothing more then (A REFLECTION) of what once was happening right now and right here…., and no matter [what I write] [{*}] as The Oracle for the End of this Age..., this age will play out till that 10,000 mark where History will begin “too write” over the HARD DRIVE of the Hard Ware as the Minuet of these Dances goes on forever and ever in the NEW TESTAMENT GOSPELS…

Every one DREAMS’ if they are a Real Flesh., and blood, and bones person, and as the COBALT EYES and the {Black Hair Only} people become the NEW NORMAL for the End of TIME in 2094 C.E., have youm ever “considered” that you are but a Piece in the Action of the ACTORS, and ACTRESSES in this Stage: called ALL THE WORLD is a Lie Agreed Upon by them whom did so too DESTROYED our real home world.?.?.?

In that, we will look into the (TIME TRAP) / * \ of these Commonwealth Olympic U-Games for their Year is in the HARRIS’S FARMERS ALMANAC known as The Era of the Byzantine Empire Year 7530 come September 14th 2021; moreover, Rogation Sunday on May 9th, 2021...

Heretofore: May 6th in 1527 our TIME LINE of A.D. and Now made into {C.E.} in 1527 that was Yesterday [Thursday] in this never ending {Tit for Tat} /-\ LIES and LIARS with their Total DOMINION of all Media from Print to Radio, and ALL TV Shows too Web Pages…

Everything to PLAY THE GAME of this Construct our FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere is hidden like Easter Eggs of a Video Game {IN PLAIN SIGHT} if you’m have the Eyes too see, and the Ears too hear….


Youm may send your Repentance Tithes to $Johnnyexodice on your CASH APPS come this Sunday... #EXODICE

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Hip Gnosis
Hip Gnosis 1 month ago

That name IN ALL CAPS IS NOT YOU. the end

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