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The People Must Say No More & Mean It

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Published on 28 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

Sons Of Liberty - Bradlee Dean - 2023-09-27 - Wednesday - The People Must Say No More & Mean It

Mockingbird Media Attempts To Defame Bradlee Dean Again, & Again, & Again…

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” - Malcolm X

Though we all know that the devil is always looking for a yielded vessel to make himself known through, I do not believe that there is an easier vessel for him to work through today than the Mockingbird media’s “useful idiots” (John 8:44).

Not realizing that they are aiding the enemies in the destruction of their own country, as if to suggest that when the boat goes down they are not going to go down with it, these subversives at terribly deceived (Proverbs 13:13).

If it is not MSNBC trying to paint a picture of who we are as a ministry, then it is Big Tech companies aiding them in their subversive endeavors by illegally censoring and defaming. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most recently, an effeminate, male subversive named Christopher Ingraham from an outlet called the Minnesota Reformer (Micah 6:16), had written about the ministry.

His headline reads as follows: Wayzata white supremacists draw attention to hate in Minnesota.

“There are few things more pathetic than a Wayzata white supremacist.

But last weekend several such people — hiding behind masks —gathered on a pedestrian bridge over Highway 12. They unfurled banners with slogans like “end white genocide,” “white unity is strength” and “diversity means anti-white.”

Wayzata is in Hennepin County, which has a longstanding reputation as a bastion of progressive and anti-racist organizing. That led many observers on social media to express surprise and even disbelief that a white supremacist organization could have a foothold there.

But data compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center shows that numerous hate groups are active in Minnesota, and have been for years. They include obscure neo-Nazi organizations like the Folkish Resistance Movement, as well as more well-known general hate organizations like the Proud Boys and the Patriot Front.

All told, the number of hate groups active in Minnesota has fluctuated between six and 12 in any given year, according to the SPLC’s data. In 2022 the number stood at eight.”

Did this activist just make reference to the Southern Poverty Law Center? He did.

“Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate crimes and so on…I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them.” —Mark Potok, director of intelligence at Southern Poverty Law Center.

The ACLU and CAIR are in the same operating communistic fashion.

In making reference to these groups he said of us, “Sons of Liberty Media, an Annandale-based media outlet that focuses on general hate and conspiracy theories.”

Hate and conspiracy theory? Since when did hate tell the truth?

Hate for holding to the law that condemns the crimes for which they advocate? (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13.)

Is he attempting to protect the sodomite agenda that has proven to be aimed at children? After all, their slogan is “Sex before eight before it’s too late.”

Is Christopher denying what has been filed in the congressional record since 1987? It is called the “Gay Manifesto.” He must be attempting to do so.

Furthermore, the same ones that he claims are the victims of hate, (they hate the law that exposes their crimes; Romans 3:20) are the same ones that have emailed my ministry with comments made such as “I hope you die in the worst of ways, Go f#@k yourself, I hope you get raped someday, Ever come close to me and I will bash your so-called Christian f@#king head in.” Or how about this one? “Now I am going to have to kill you! I thought we were going to cut each other’s hair and then have sex, but you stood me up! I am so upset that I think that I may just have to blow up your ministry instead! Goodbye forever.” (This was reported to the F.B.I. with no response)

These are the sodomites who put my house up online and listed my physical address. Apparently, these are the comments of the victims of God’s Word. Maybe Christopher here needs to understand what real love is (Matthew 22:37). LOVE FULFILLS THE LAW, IT DOES NOT ABROGATE IT!

Jesus said to those who preach His gospel, “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first” (John 15:18).

Friends, do look to the appointed Governor Tim Walz taking photo ops with little boys dressed as girls, as well as the Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan with a large knife threatening anyone in defending trans kids, as she calls it, then you should understand perfectly. No, this is all aimed at incriminating the innocent for the crimes of the guilty; Accusing others of what they are guilty of doing (Revelation 12:10).

Christopher goes on, without any phone call or correspondence with me, claiming I propose conspiracy theories. Did he really write that? Friends, we have run out of theories because the conspiracies have proven to be true (Jeremiah 11:9). I was of the understanding that this was now a given among all the people in this country. Or maybe it is just Chris?

Christopher goes on in his propaganda narrative: “The organization’s leader is Bradlee Dean, a man who formerly ran a far-right anti-gay youth ministry and rock band that once received a donation from the campaign of then state-Rep. Tom Emmer, who is now the congressman representing the 6th District. Emmer also appeared on Dean’s radio show, though he distanced himself from Dean’s anti-LGBTQ bigotry during his 2010 campaign for governor.”

Far-Right? What does that mean far-right? There is no such thing as a far-right position when it comes to American Law. This country is a Constitutional republic (Article IV, Section 4 US Constitution). We are ruled by law, not by a two-party unconstitutional system of divide and conquer.

His second lie that he told was that Tom Emmer ever supported the ministry and that he then distanced himself from the ministry. Nothing this useful idiot is true. This is called defamation, clearly. Christopher goes on to write a narrative about people and ministries that he fails to contact. How does that work? It doesn’t.

Of course, this article is to further document the relentless efforts made by the Mockingbird media and their attempts to cast into your minds what it is that we clearly are not, laying to our blame things that are simply not true (Proverbs 19:9).

What Christopher has not yet learned is that the very devils for which he is working only attack those who tell the truth. Furthermore, Christopher doesn’t seem to understand that when all is said and done, he will find himself, along with the others who aided in the destruction of our republic in hopes of tearing down our laws, a prey to his master as well (Revelation 12:10; Romans 6:23).

Yours sincerely, Copied and pasted for our records. This is defamation.

Christopher has failed to answer our request to be a guest on our national radio broadcast.


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