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The PCR Test & why its producing false positives (ITS ALL AN AGENDA).mp4

Unveiling Reality
Unveiling Reality - 153 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

The PCR Test & why it's producing false positives (ITS ALL AN AGENDA)

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Prrrfectminouchat 1 month ago

It's obvious why there are so many false positives and it all comes down to money.We
are being used as guinea pigs and turned into hybrids with those nanobots. What
scared me the most is that my kids plan to get it and give it to grandchildren. Will
not even check it and both are in military ! They're not stupid. It was harder for me to
fact-check, but I did. For spiritual reasons you should refuse it while you still can.

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Taaia 1 month ago

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