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The PCR Test is Useless for Covid-19 (But Useful for Crooked Governments)

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 208 Views
Published on 24 Jan 2021 / In Select Category

Dr. Mullis died on August 7, 2019, right before the start of Covid-19. Was he silenced?

Dr. Kary Mullis won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for his work in creating the PCR test - the very test that is now being widely used to diagnose Covid-19. According to Dr. Mullis, the PCR test can be used to find anything in just about anyone, and cannot be used to diagnose whether a person has a virus or not. This is the reason for all of the false positives and inflated statistics. Dr. Mullis also exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci as a liar. He is exposed! As a freemason, which is just another name for a liar.

Luciferase-Covid19 & The Mark Of The Beast

International best selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains how governments are using the PCR test to promote fear and support their dangerous lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing. To avoid libels and lies from trolls too cowardly to give their names, comments are turned off and will remain off.
For more unbiased information about covid-19 and other important health matters, please visit http://www.vernoncoleman.com

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RAPTURE ANGEL 1 month ago

Never, ever take the vaccine!

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Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy 1 month ago


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