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The Pandemic Was Over In June - Former Pfizer Vice President Dr Mike Yeadon

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 695 Views
Published on 21 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

Anyone who has had a cold or any other form of covid, will be immune to covid19. That means 30% at the start are immune. per Former Pfizer Vice President Dr Mike Yeadon. He said the tests pick up RNA, which are dead fragments of the old virus of those who may have been infected weeks or even months ago. The tests are not able to tell if the fragment is a dead or living virus. Thus making the positives not actually from one who has the virus but one who may have had one of the covid viruses or covid itself but it's dead now. Dr. Yeadon doesn't understand why we are even using these tests when they can't distinguish living from dead. They only use those tests for forensic purposes not for this purpose. He says this test is "demonstrably unsuitable" for detecting who actually is positive. He feels the pandemic is over and has been since June. What we are seeing now is those who were not infected with anything, cold, flu, or covid getting the virus but they are the remnants of the populous. He said once the covid is gone, it will not return due to Tcell immunity. The immunity might last a lifetime. He says we should stop mass testing immediately, it will produce too many false positives and do more harm than good.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 days ago

Awakened in my Sleeping Slumber…

It has been almost a year now since This “A Lie” Agreed Upon called (COVID19) has shut down the World, and though me, and my people know that the [Corona] +=+ is just the Common Cold, the True Deaths that sleeks into our Lungs is this Toxic Waste of {Chemicals Sprayed} [{**}] into the Skies of all nations by these U.N. Military Bases of the UNITED STATES International Military Organization… Had only WE ARE The People [not been] / * \ raised by Liars known as these FREE MASON Lodges that run our home towns, we the people would have “found” a Better Way too live then to make PLASTICS and Styrofoam {Take Out Cups} and all these Electronics that Pile into MOUNTAINS and Colossus Titanic piles of Garbage at our City Land Fills, then this CAPITALISM of their “Corporatism” would have not damned all people in PURGATORY too HELL down here in Purgatory where We {Learn the Lesson} /_\ of What Killed off all these People known as Earthlings…

Now, I was born August 30th, 1965 and I was raised on these [TV Screens] just like every one else known as The INCUBATOR BABIES and Child Labor……., and once them MUD FLOOD WARS ended in 1945 called [World War Two] [{*}] on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere home world of Planet Earth…….., I have taken the time {too listen to} the PROGRAMMING of our Older People where The “Venal” Record Album is presented as something New………, and the MUSIC Industry of THE SYSTEM would Change every 10 Years…..., and as we the INCUBATOR BABIES grew up in 1893 to 1914 to 1929 to 1938 to 1954 to the 60’s – 70’s – 80’s – 90’s as the Pied Piper {Radio Shows} would Change….., and the way people “talked” WOULD CHANGE… So once I started “too” watch the OLDER Moving (GRAVEN IMAGES) from 1910 to 1933 to 1944, and so on and so forth... You can see how this MACHINE we all live in raises us as it PRINTS out its A.I. Instructions for [each] /-\ and EVERY Generation in this CONSTRUCT known as our Holographix Virtual Reality Lives…

It is truly astounding that the EDISON {A.I. Machine} was able to rebuild itself in the WARS…., and then by the Korean War in the 1950’s it had “shown us” so many FAKE SPACE Moon Landings from 1905 to today’s Fantasist Illusions…, and Delusions of [TV Shows] and Movies that from STAR WARS to STAR TREK there has been Generation upon Generation {every 10 years} since 1910 that think the Moon is a Ball in Space when it is actually “just inside” the Sky of Heaven known as The Firmament of OUR DOME OF THE ROCK Mother Heaven.., and moreover., there is an INNER EARTH with Chambers and Phase {Time Travel} Technological Mechanization that can get WE THE PEOPLE from this Side of FLAT EARTH to the “Other” Side of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere of PURGATORY… And even though the People from the WORLD OF THE DEAD in the Holy Bible took over Our Side of FLAT EARTH in this Simulation Recreation of Why did WE ARE The People of Earth: all Died out by Corporatism in 2094 C.E. ??? It is still “assassinating” that no one knows CHEM TRAILS are just Corporate Waste Dumps into our Skies...

Too be sure` OUR World Leaders with their MASONIC Lodges in all Cities keeps the Lie agreed upon going even when these [U.N. FLAGS] know that COVID19 is just CORPORATE WASTE in our Drinking Water, Our Dirt and Land Fills, and all this WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against the LAW in all Supreme Courts making WAR “illegal” in any Real world, but PURGATORY is not real, it is the lesson of why did [the people] of PLANET EARTH go extinct cause they had to be like the PEOPLE on those SCREENS of {Hollywood to Bollywood} known as the MADE IN CHINA rich and famous, and Their INFLUENCERS!!! These 2D FLAT SCREENS with their 3D CGI Masterpieces of Fake Shows and “Fake People” no longer impress me, and {my people} for I belong too OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and I will “never” believe in anything these SCREENS, or Printed Materials tells me anymore…

Johnny Exodice


You must [come to see] Qball’ my people of Pak-Toe that the Raca from Mathew 5 in the Holy Bible are the Same Racka our Oracle for the End of an Age so does speak of, and since all in this world is DEPENDENT on you “believing” in their Lies, and Deceptions, and Misdirection where THEY LIVE can never just give us a [YES or NO] answer to the Questions we do so seek an ANSWER as Christ Jesus 1.0 said: Do not Take BLOOD OATHS to these FREE MASON Lodges in our home towns, but you can take an OATH OF OFFICE {too uphold} your Peoples Constitution, and that FLAG that Represents your (NATIONAL I.D.) be It these 50 STATES FLAGS in the USA to the State of France, and Germany too any and all [U.N. FLAGS] for if our FLAGS are now Useless, and our Countries CONSTITUTION is null and void cause “U.N. Troops” have Replaced our Military, and our Police, then we {nonmason} are not Beholden too believe in their FREE MASON [TV Screens] or Shows of INDOCTRINATION any more…

The Society of nonmason~


Our Enemy` The Racka aka these “nonhumans” from the Other Side of the Celestial Sphere whom look just as we on this side of FLAT EARTH are Doppelgangers, and they can {WIPE our Minds} in the Esoteric World, and then Keep our Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Bodies as they Access our Memories and Personalities to [walk among] WE THE PEOPLE as Zebras……., so test anyone too see if they can just give you a {YES or NO} Answer for our ENEMIES can only lie’ for that is their way on the OTHER SIDE of the World while we on this side of FLAT EARTH “prefer” too take the NARROW PATH of Christ Jesus that is HONESTY on all matters….., and our common enemy these MASONS only know how to LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!

The Sentinel….

Now you are “allowed” as MY People of Pak-Toe too Lie to protect “your” selves and your Tribes from these FREE MASON C.O.P.S. aka these JADE HELM 15 U.N. Troops: for not until the year of 2094 C.E. Shalt and Wilt THE Game of PURGATORY end……, and then RESETS is the true eternal Condemnations of the Wicked – EVIL – Vile – Profane PEOPLE: Forever and ever in this never ending DE-Ja-Vu “Oraborus” Curse will NEVER END [for them] The Cursed, The Dammed, and the Forsaken whom WE ARE the “REPENTANT” all seek too escape, and go home once, and for all…

Johnny Exodice LIVES!!!


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