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The Old Testament is Based Largely On The Egyptian Book Of The Dead

bodhi_mantra - 3,034 Views
Published on 02 Aug 2018 / In Film and Animation

"The WHOLE Christian Bible was derived from the sacred books of Egypt, such as: THE BOOK OF THE DEAD,THE PYRAMID TEXTS, AND THE BOOKS OF THOTH."

EA Wallis Budge
(Keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum)

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Scoladd 2 years ago

Yahweh Elohim evolved from the Canaanite deity El. Judaism and Christianity are based in polytheistic traditions. The resulting peoples became aggregators of theological and philosophical ideas which its 2 offspring of Christianity and Islam are aggregations of ideas both popular but also politically necessary from their time.

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bodhi_mantra 5 years ago

You can also visit the article I wrote on this topic here

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