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The ‘New’ American Dream: Open Borders & Free Everything … Unless You’re a Citizen | Wilkow | Ep 258

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Published on 16 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Remember when "the American dream" was: Work hard, play by the rules, and you have a chance to achieve whatever you want in life? Dems seem to be working overtime to obliterate any remains of that idea, not just with the taxing, spending, and trillions in deficits, but also as they implement one set of rules for the tax-paying, law-abiding citizen and another for the non-citizen, even going so far as to not even enforce the law for non-citizens in many cases! Hello, open borders, come on in! You might be sent back, but probably not. Why do some Democrats think "the American dream" is a rite of passage for the entire world? It’s impossible! U.S. Senate candidate for Ohio Josh Mandel then joins Wilkow to talk about his recent experience being booted out of a school board meeting while trying to advocate for parents and students. Then, David Reaboi stops by to talk a national divorce and what that could look like. WATCH more Wilkow:

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